A.I.M in Practice: Villain “Black Sun”

So I’ve become aware of an art project in development, that looks very cool.  Effectively it appears to be AIM (Aryan Inner Moralization) in practice or a demonstration of the theories developed here.   A comic book of all things!  It’s as if one, like a Stan Lee or a Jack Kirby, was trying to indoctrinate the youth with subversive themes!  Though everyone knows the power of those miserable comic books now.

All I know about the project is that this villain below is named Black Sun and looks very bad ass.  Interestingly, he is, indeed, a villain.  This looks like some high level jiu jitsu.


A guy named Donald Kent is drawing it.  And a guy named Bert Sonnen is writing it.  Pseudonyms?  Actually there is a mendacious rumor that I am the writer.  However my research can not verify this so it is largely speculation.

Below are some cool images being developed for this comic.  Whoah, this artist, at least, has chops!



In any case, definitely give the artist a follow.  He appears sufficiently radical:


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