By unserious men, I will be accused of “ruining” some Holidays. When one understands that Christmas is especially derived from the Saturnalia, a reference to the Jewish God overthrown by Jupiter, and Easter is a reference to the subversive figures of Ishtar and Esther, particularly as mothers or sacred whores of a Jewish God, they may, initially, grow irritated. I will say two things on this point.

First, Holidays are first and foremost celebrations of the seasons. As this study explicates, we desire our race to be immortal, to stand especially against time and the seasons, elements embodied by the Jewish God Saturn. Hence we understand ourselves above seasons. Thus also in this way above “Holidays.” This is not to argue, of course, that Holidays are to be discarded, even if they are to be redeveloped into salubrious forms with a clear understanding of symbol.

For instance, while Easter should be wholly discarded for the Thargelia, the Saturnalia should be first and foremost a celebration of Jupiter’s victory over Saturn, while usefully reminding us of an initial period of struggle. Likewise Halloween, to the extent it is retained, should be followed by some September 1st, diurnal vanquishing of Trivia-like witches and Chthonic beings. After all, as with Art and Religion generally, Holidays are especially useful propaganda vis-à-vis women and children.

It is true, a man may deserve a break once in a while so needn’t be ashamed to enjoy Holidays or at least those developed as AIM. Yet there is something overly Epicurean, feminine and childish in believing Holidays like Art and Religion more generally are somehow for oneself. We are neither against Stoicism or Epicureanism, except to the extent such obvious, “un-Religious” or deracinated concepts are understood as one’s “life philosophy.” Truly, one may easily avoid both being a degenerate and being an unappealing stick in the mud without feeling like a camel passing through a needle’s eye. This isn’t rocket science. But yes, Santa does not exist. Hate me for this knowledge if you must.

Or grow up. And if you like your Holidays, take them back.

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