The Zodiac as a Propaganda Coup and the Semitic Nature of Greek Heroes

Unquestionably developing the symbolism of the Zodiac was one of the supreme accomplish in the history of propaganda. Here the ubiquitous night sky itself became a canvas, a cathedral apse or digital screen where one might project encoded propaganda to the entire world, merely by attaching names to the various constellations. Equally unquestionably, at least […]

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Ersatz Apollos: Sol & Mithra

Apollo arrives to us as merely the most salvageable and “reformable” solar deity our ancestors developed. He is also the one that arrives most intact despite the best efforts of adversaries, which it appears, were forced to be relatively subtle at first. Indeed, founding nobilities would naturally associate themselves with the symbol of the dominating, […]

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The Caducean phenomenon

The Marxist leader Lenin famously said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Since then, this line has been used by rightists to refer to the duplicity of modern political left or, more plainly, Jews in politics. Here they contend, elements of Jewry, whom are in every instance looking to push Aryans toward degeneracy, […]

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A Return To Sophistication

“Love it or hate it, the most sophisticated always rule. Just ask the animals.” — M.Brahmin Our failure to interpret works from the Right has often come from an inability or lazy unwillingness to follow even the shortest thread in esoteric Art. Likewise, it comes from the stupidest idea that “Art doesn’t matter” or has […]

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Decoding JEM: The Brahmin Methodology

Proving that JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) is not merely a real phenomenon but an important and specific phenomenon that includes the deployment of symbols in coherent and identifiable patterns, presents some challenges. For instance, JEM appearing in Art and particularly narrative Art, while commonly drawing from a broader shared symbol system, is, of course, often […]

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