Potentially Looking for Blog Co-Writer

I am potentially looking for another writer to contribute regularly to the blog. Essentially it would involve the analysis of JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) appearing in contemporary works. I would co-write or contribute to some portion of the articles in the sense that I would help the writer identify important cases of contemporary JEM (films etc) and then give them my analysis of key symbols in abbreviated notes and have them execute the articles.

For at least the time being and the foreseeable future, this is an unpaid gig. However, I think that one could quickly rise to notoriety as a go-to commentator on contemporary Jewish Cinema, Literature and so forth, applying my system of analysis. With podcasts or livestreams, including appearance on the Apollonian Transmission, they could broaden their reach.

Naturally I would be looking for someone with strong writing skills, likely with English as their first language. They would be required to proof and edit their own work for grammar (though, of course, I would give everything a look). The goal would be succinctness, focusing on symbol analysis and less on emotional reactions to Jewish Art, except to the extent it becomes relevant to the analysis of JEM in the piece or otherwise. The perspective would be exclusively secular and non-Religious. Naturally a person with a meaningfully divergent understanding of myth and symbol would not be a match.

Based on response, I will see if this is a direction I am interested in.