An Important Riddle Solved: The Name Jesus means “Jewry Avenges”

Let us imagine a hypothetical towheaded Scandinavian boy born in the 5th century A.D. He is a simple villager cut off from any knowledge of Christ, yet he is as innocent as the driven snow. Let us imagine he receives a perfect picture of the Christian God in his dreams or at least as perfect a picture as one might receive without the rare understanding of the meaning of the many intricate and esoteric symbols that surround him.

Immediately this boy becomes devoted to him. Let us imagine this picture is perfect except for one detail, Christ’s name. The boy has received a different name with a different definitional or referential meaning. There can be no doubt, into the fiery pit this boy goes.

After all, it actually serves a vital purpose that Christianity insists that Jesus be referred to by his name, Jesus, Josué, Giosuè, Jesusa or whatever its regional equivalents. It is also meaningful that he is “the Christ,” and that one is forced to have a specific name and title for this God. He cannot, for example, be referred to as Mohammad, Apollo, Apollyon, Jupiter or Beelzebub. One doesn’t need to be a Christian priest to have perceived this. This is JEM. The name itself is of ultimate significance.

By declaring allegiance to Jesus Christ, one not merely bows to Jesus, he bows, specifically, to a Jewish God of Jewish invention, given very specific symbolic meaning. The name Jesus is commonly understood to mean “Yahweh Saves.” The God Yahweh is a distinctively Jewish God among Elohim or Gods as becomes apparent early in Genesis.  This study reveals that Judah is indicated as derived from this name and that ultimately Yahweh refers to Jewry as a collective. This study reveals Yahweh also as an antagonist to the Aryan figure of Adam from the beginning.

In fact the root for “saves” in the name Jesus, Yasha, יָשַׁע, may also mean “is victorious” or “avenges” in the Biblical Hebrew. Thus Jesus’ name also means, strikingly, “Yahweh avenges.”  This Jewish God Yahweh is also equivalent to the fire God Vulcan, the Wine God Bacchus and The Reaper God Saturn, all with a fine grudge against the Aryan Celestial Gods, Jupiter, Mars and Apollo.  Ultimately the name Jesus means “Jewry Avenges.”  Could the purpose of Christianity have been more clear or more in our face?

The reader may argue at this point “well perhaps the name means merely ‘Yahweh Saves’ and it is this common sense of the word Yasha that is intended.”  The truth of course is that the word means both and is used in both ways.  That it is suggestive of vengeance is corroborated in at least two places.  First it is suggested in the vengeful character of Yahweh as he appears in the Hebrew Bible.  Take Nahum 1:2 for instance:

“Yahweh is a jealous and avenging God; Yahweh is avenging and full of wrath. Yahweh takes vengeance on His foes and reserves wrath for His enemies.”

This vengefulness is also corroborated in the figure of Joshua, also appearing in the Hebrew Bible. After all, the name Jesus is also a reference to Joshua in the Hebrew Bible. Here Jesus is understood as a contracted form of the name Joshua or rather they are the same name. Joshua, an assistant and prodigy of Moses, is a “kill-them-all” blood thirsty conqueror of Canaanite, Gentile lands.  His cruelty and mercilessness is pronounced in that narrative where he does in fact frequently leave no survivors.

The title Christ, like the title Messiah means “the anointed,” and is a reference to Baptism. This study argues the name Moses is also an equivalent of the title Messiah and carries the same meaning. Hence Jesus Christ could be a reference both to Moses and Joshua. Regardless, Baptism and anointing is a reference to racial cuckoldry and the admixing of a Jewish man with an Aryan “Venus.”

Hence by the name Jesus Christ, the Aryan is forced to bow to the humiliating suggestion of racial domination implicit in that mythical figure. The name is designed specifically to humble or humiliate him. Hence it would be unacceptable for him to invent his own name, with a different meaning or derivation, for this God.

Each Christian speaks disparagingly of “nominal Christians” or Christians in “name only.” However, as it concerns the JEM, adopting the name and declaring allegiance to the name of the savior is by far the most important step. Arguably it is the only requisite step. We are obligated to be equally fastidious. Apollo, the Hyperborean, is The Aryan God.

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  1. Notable also is that ‘alleluia’ was universally adopted very early on by both eastern and western sects for use in their liturgies. The use of the, apparently saturnine, runes in the ‘chi rho’ as the only exceptable deviation from the standard semetic Jehovah and it’s shoots also feeds into this conclusion.

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  2. I will take a look at these things. With arboreal references we remember some trees are Chronic, the Poplar, the Willow, even, I argue, the Laurel. We realize these things by seeing the Gods that they were associated with. Often these trees are invasive destructive species with aggressive root systems. Remember this in your study. Generally wood and trees equals Aryan..but there are exceptions.

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  3. My apologies that was to a different comment. But again I will look into these things. The evidence we have is overwhelming for the obvious things we should already know: Jupiter is our father, not Saturn or Christ.


  4. Thankfully we live in an era in which Christianity is dying off. Some clingers simply can’t be reasoned with. I wouldn’t bother debating them, but it might be funny to get them to explain away obvious synonyms like Mithras as having been invented by the devil, like dinosaur bones, to “confuse Christians and lead them astray”. Let the Africans inherit Christianity, maybe it will do them some good.

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  5. You pointed out in a recent show that rabbis wear pants while priests wear dresses.Another interesting fact to consider is the difference in liturgical actions.

    In the traditional Christian liturgy, the action of greatest subservience to God during the liturgy was/is being on the knees. The high point of the liturgy is when the “host” is received in the mouth, and traditionally this host was placed in the mouth by the priest.

    Now to Islam; during Islamic liturgy, the action of greatest submission to God is being on all fours, with head on the ground and rear-end in the air.

    Now contrast these liturgical actions with the Jewish. You’ll notice there is no time when Jews act in this kind of submissive manner. The time when they are most with God, or when God is with them, is when they are in a standing position, holding the Torah and swaying their hips. They’re supposed to be like the flame of a candle, receiving the light of God. This action is literally called “Shuckling.”

    Christians: on the knees
    Muslims: head down, bottom up
    Jews: aggressively thrusting the hips

    Christians and Muslims: Passive
    Jews: Active

    Christians and Muslims: Matter
    Jews: Spirit that enters matter

    I thought you might find this observation interesting and relevant your work.

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    1. Holy shit! Your right Xio. Wow!

      When the Apollonian age comes, and rituals get set in place, no brother shall bow. We will stand or sit because we collectively are the Kings of the Universe. We don’t have to look to the heavens because WE ARE the heavens. Our Titans/Kings are not pillars of the Earth, but Zeus has put them as pillars of the cosmos to support our path. We are the eternal ones. We are the perfecters of the Universe. All others need us. Not the other way around.

      If these words make us uncomfortable, it’s because our minds have been falsely humbled by the false light of men known as Prometheus/Jesus guided into the Underworld by Hermes forced to drink of the river Lethe to forget our deeds (the place of the empty skull).

      Our people shall not perish!


      1. “Our people shall not perish!”

        If you’re working towards this, I am your friend.

        “We will stand or sit because we collectively are the Kings of the Universe.”

        As your friend, I will admit that this sort of hubris does make me uncomfortable (not the standing/ sitting, but the Kangz part). Doesn’t some other racial group in America call itself “Kangz?” What did the slave whisper into the victorious Roman General’s ear during a Roman Triumph? I suggest you look it up.

        “If these words make us uncomfortable, it’s because our minds have been falsely humbled by the false light of men known as Prometheus/Jesus”

        I’m having unsettling visions of future conflicts between the Apollonians and the Prometheans (see Jason Kohne). I sure hope we’re not that stupid? As far as Jesus, his light appears to be getting dimmer by the hour.

        If your Religion of Apollo bears fine fruit (Golden Apple’s so to speak), then I wish it hardy growth across the Universe. I respect any man (or group of men) that attempts creating a new Symbolic Organizing Principle (SOP) for White Folk.

        God(s) Bless


      2. That goes for you too Jak (and anyone else reading) – if I use any of your research leads in the book, I’d like to give credit – just make sure I have a name I can use in the book.


    2. Hey this is a great comment. I do touch on kneeling in the books, briefly, because in light of all the other symbolism, it obviously suggests sexual submissiveness. I did not look as closely as you have here. I will look at this again when revising those sections. If I use any of your research leads here I’d like to mention/footnote you as “commenter X” or whatever name you want to go by. LMK the right name.


      1. I believe examining the differences in liturgies is worth your time. The most submissive thing Jews do during their liturgy is bow. Jewish liturgy obviously includes prayers for Jewish people and Israel, but also for the righteous that assist the Jewish people. Towards the end they pray for the New World that they are attempting to build on earth; that is to be worthy of their messiah.

        The Christian liturgy is more about personal transformation towards the person of Christ. There’s obviously no explicit prayer for building a new world because the New World (for Christians) is when Christ returns.

        Jews attempt to build a world worthy of God. Christians attempt to perfect themselves to be worthy of God. I would argue we need to do both, but you can guess what happens when groups with these two worldviews meet. It’s not even something that’s conscious.


    1. I mean of course it is important for us to use the correct symbols – this is the essence of REM. But I obviously have nothing against anyone who refers to themselves as Promethean and is, otherwise, committed to sound ideas – it’s just outdated language – I believe even Nietzsche misused this term. In a generation these things will be understood in a much clearer fashion.


  6. Kohne’s use of Prometheus is meant to convey the idea that Whites need to rebel and break away from the current order. In his Creation Myth, Prometheus is the real creator of the universe and Zeus the usurper. This same myth exists in occult circles regarding Lucifer to Yahweh; the idea that Lucifer was the original creator and that Yahweh usurped him. This is a critique I have of his religious idea. Why play to the Lucifer vs.Yahweh narrative?

    I wouldn’t call it a LARP for him though. He doesn’t seem like a LARPer at anything; pretty serious guy. I very much respect him, believe him to be very talented, but like you, find some of his symbolism to be problematic.


  7. I am not familiar with his writing or work and I am not saying he’s LARPing in any way. I’ve seen him speak and he definitely seems sincere and to be doing his best. I am just saying the use of the term is a LARP (or just an inaccurate use of the term – that’s actually the correct thing to say). And yes this is how the metaphor is used, as a metaphor of resistance to establishment. The far better metaphor in my view is Jupiter overthrowing Saturn. Long story short: I don’t anticipate a “battle between Apollonians and Prometheans” least of all in the Alt Right LOL. I just anticipate that my language, which presents a clearer understanding of these Gods, will be adopted in the future.


  8. I probably have more sympathies for Jesus and the Gospel than you, but the slow dissolution of Christianity is becoming more evident. The idea of a pantheon, or family of God(s) offers Gods for different purposes. The utility of Jesus of Nazareth is lessening in the current world; other God’s that offer different sets of “goods” will rise.

    This factor, of the lessening of the power of Christianity, really provides an opening for White-Jewish dialog. We don’t come to the table with the presupposition that they (the Jews) are the killers of THE God of the universe. To us, Christ’s blood is not on the Jew’s hands for eternally, or ever. In fact, the actions of their Tribal Leadership in the Gospels are totally defensible.

    With the rise of the new White Religions, Whites can meet with Jews on a totally business and/or political basis.

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