Why Apolloism is 3.0

The first obvious question is: why this LARPing? Apollo? Get real. To be clear, Apolloism is, in part, a political formation. From a Christian concept of Religion it might also be understood as a “secular” formation. To be an Apollonian, no “leaps of faith” or superstitious beliefs are required. In fact, they are prohibited. Apollo, […]

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The Value of Homer

As one may have already divined, many of the primary protagonists in Homer, at least the active mortal ones, are best assumed Semitic, if some more Semitic than others. And not merely because we understand them as earthly, mortal men, hence primarily descended of or “created by” the Semitic Prometheus and Vulcan. After all, at […]

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The Jewish Reaction to Brahminism & “over excited pattern recognition”

Jews have not reacted to my study and yet some people, in the ostensibly anti-Semitic Alt Right, have reacted to it Jewishly. Indeed, despite my multiple detractors, I’ve been slandered and yet not one of my arguments has been compellingly addressed or refuted. Rather some of my detractors, insisting my ideas false, will not “deign” […]

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By unserious men, I will be accused of “ruining” some Holidays. When one understands that Christmas is especially derived from the Saturnalia, a reference to the Jewish God overthrown by Jupiter, and Easter is a reference to the subversive figures of Ishtar and Esther, particularly as mothers or sacred whores of a Jewish God, they […]

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