book release and site disclaimer

The finishing touches are being put on the book and it is being prepared for release. There should be two books in fairly rapid succession: “REM Theory #1” and “REM Theory #2.” The theory will be covered with these books and then conversations will turn to Apolloism. After all, no sense beating a dead horse. […]

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Apolloism and Feminism

This is a response to Mineo Solveig’s article linked here. Solveig, thank you for your detailed response to my inquiries.  It is true that we differ on key points and that Apolloism is, ultimately, incompatible with your project. You’ve made clear that your movement doesn’t require other movements or the broader DR and Apollonians feel […]

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The Sophistication of the Ancients

Some may imply that my “reading in” gives ancients too much credit, that there is something of the “New Ageist” in my analysis, where “ancient Myth contains all knowledge or wisdom.” That these myths are instead primarily subconscious manifestations whose meanings we may only idly speculate as a kind of pleasurable pastime. After all, the […]

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Our Similarity to the Ancients

One problem in our inability to decipher the myths and parables of ancients arises from a false perception of dissimilarity. We tend to view the ancients and even relatively recent ancestors as a wholly distinct species. Instead, we should understand that our ancestors shared with us precisely our own concerns and psychological anxieties. These are […]

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Saturn, Satan, Set and Tan

A contemporary folk etymology that connects Saturn to the Hebrew word Satan, שָׂטָן, meaning adversary or accuser, seems worthy of consideration as no convincing etymologies for the word Satan appear.[1] Again, this assumes a late development of the Hebrew Bible, which this study does. Etymologists believe Saturn originates from the Etruscan subterranean deity Satre whose […]

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Keep In Mind

I had the honor recently of editing a music video for the artists Xurious (@xuriousmusic) and Hiraeth (@HiraethMusic9). Together they create an instant Dissident Right classic: “Keep In Mind.”  Difficult themes are effortlessly sublimated in a beautiful, enchanting melody. A model for artists to consider. Please share far and wide. Bitchute link below (lower resolution): […]

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Nuns, Vestal “Virgins” and Aryan Lioness as “Altar-Hearth”

With Christian nunnery, we find a “sub-cult” appearing from mixed origins. Like Christianity more broadly, it appears descended from the cults of Adonis and Bacchus, both with female consorts, particularly appearing in the figure of Venus. Thus also it is descended from any number of Dying-and-Rising Cults dating back to Sumer and Dumuzid. Here esoterically […]

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