Why Apolloism is 3.0

The first obvious question is: why this LARPing? Apollo? Get real. To be clear, Apolloism is, in part, a political formation. From a Christian concept of Religion it might also be understood as a “secular” formation. To be an Apollonian, no “leaps of faith” or superstitious beliefs are required. In fact, they are prohibited. Apollo, […]

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The Message and Theme of JEM

The message of JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) is conveyed through five broad albeit closely related narrative themes that will reoccur and predominate. These are themes, as we will discover, that are discernable in myth, both Biblical and “Pagan.” In some cases, these specific themes outlined below persist from Sumer, where we detect the presence of […]

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The Parabolist Law of Microcosm, The Definition of a God & “God Masking”

We are bewildered by the alarming consistency in Jewish-developed books, TV, video games and film production, where message is consistent. For example, Aryans are heroes and victors to the extent they stand up for or lovingly accept obvious racial rivals and sexual competitors. They are villains to the extent they oppose or reject them and […]

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