“Blood Magic” in Plant Color Symbolism: the Rose, the Holly and the Mistletoe

Since it is Christmas, it is worth discussing a color and plant symbolism common to the grape vine, the rose, the holly and the mistletoe.  Here I will play “the Grinch.”

In JEM, there is a clear color symbolism at work, where a green stem, representing a Jewish God, is contrasted with a red flower, leaves or berries, representing blood admixture or the “racial wound.”  Some salient examples are the rose, the holly plant and the mistletoe.  The grape vine of Bacchus with its red grapes is one example, but Bacchus was associated with the red-berried bindweed vine.

With the color green and the plant symbolism, here the Jewish God is understood as a vernal and even sexually potent God.  Indeed, the color green is still associated with sexuality and doubtlessly this association has its origin here.  In fact, the Semitic Dying and Rising God Osiris, a symbolic synonym of Adonis himself, was depicted as Green-skinned. Whilst his slayer the Semitic Seth: red eyed.  The curious “Green man” that appears in European Church architecture should also be understood as representing the same figure, the vernal Jewish God.   It seems possible as well that the Hebrew retains this understanding.

Green Man.JPG
The mysterious Green Man, a reoccurring architectural motif in medieval cathedrals. 
Tomas Verde represents the Jewish God as vine or parasitic plant.  The tree represents the Aryan mating stock, identified with his wife Izzi in the film.  Hence the most important aspect of the Cabalistic symbolism, long obscure, is now revealed. 

For instance, the word haav, האב means “The Father” but also “verdure”, “greenness” “young shoot” and “sprout.”  Darren Aronofsky’s crypto-Jewish character Tomás Verde, in the explicitly Cabalistic 2006 film The Fountain, seems to support this.  The first name Tomás or Thomas is a common Jewish identifier as this study explicates.  More specifically it marks him as a “double” of the Jewish Christ.  The last name Verde means “Green.”  In the film, he is referred to, at one point, as “The First Father”, which is likely a reference to the expression he’rishon haav, האב הראשון.    It might better be translated “The Head Father.”

In the film, Verde, through numerous scenes, is strongly connected to the Cabalistic Tree of Life from whence he draws sustenance.  The Tree itself is unequivocally identified with his Aryan wife or lover in the film.  Aronofsky consciously casts a non-Jew in the role of Tomas (Hugh Jackman) and a Jewess in the role of Izzi (Rachel Weisz) to help disguise this.  Yet naming conventions give it away.   Izzi, ostensibly short for Isabel in the film, is also a diminutive for Israel.  Hence Izzi is a reference to the Biblical Israel, human resource of the Jewish God.   Hence she becomes, as well, the bride of the Jewish Christ, “Thomas” or Jewish God.

Among some of the symbolic plants that represent the union of Aryan woman and Jewish man, the stem is thorny.  We find this with holly, bindweed and roses, each capable of drawing blood.  Doubtlessly this has a phallic meaning.  Indeed, the thorn as a symbol, as this study explicates, appears more generally in the JEM as a Jewish identifier.   The rose is an especially salient and important example of this particular plant symbolism.

The rose as it appears in the Christian symbolism, particularly in the Rosary prayer, is doubtlessly a reference to the Adonis myth.  There the rose first came into being when it formed from the tears of Aryan Venus and the blood of a dying Semitic Adonis.  The red-flowered Anemone, likewise, is understood as also having sprung from the blood of Adonis at Venus’ command.   The red Anemone is the official flower of the modern state of Israel.

Death of Adonis.jpg
The Aryan Venus mourning the death of the Semitic Adonis.  Her tears combine with his blood to for the rose, a symbol here, of Aryan Semitic Admixture.   The appearance of the rose as a symbol in Christianity is a reference to this.
The red Anemone is the official flower of the modern state of Israel.  This is a reference to Semitic and Aryan blood admixture and the admixed nature of Jews. 

The “Christmas plants” of the holly and the mistletoe have identical significance. In Christian symbolism, holly leaves are believed to be the thorns of Christ, whilst the berries, the blood of Christ.   Indeed, how fortuitous the name Hollywood!

The mistletoe also bearing either white or red berries is understood as a reference to Balder’s death and the mourning of his mother Frigg.  These figures may be understood as synonyms for Adonis and Venus respectively, hence both mother and son, and esoterically, lovers.  Of course, they are also synonyms for Christ and Mary.


The red berried mistletoe, a reference to Balder’s death, is a “Symbolic Synonym” of the Rose, the Holly and Bacchus’ red grapes. 

Like the grape vine, ivy and bindweed, symbols of Bacchus, holly and mistletoe are parasitic plants.  Hence there is another layer of symbolism with these plants whereby the Jewish Vine dominates and destroys the Aryan tree or Aryan stock.  The ritual destruction of these plants by placing them in the sun to be “exposed” and dried out would be a healthy Apollonian ritual.



7 thoughts on ““Blood Magic” in Plant Color Symbolism: the Rose, the Holly and the Mistletoe

  1. “Those for whom Western civilization is not in crisis simply do not belong to it by and large. They are not the voice of Western civilization, but the voice of the black Logos. Today only a non-European can be a Euro-optimist.

    Now as for Dionysus. How does he see the fate of the West today? Everything is more complicated here. The zone of Dionysus, his kingdom, is located between the light Logos of Dionysus [sic – Apollo? – J.A.] and the black Logos of Cybele. He is identical to himself both in heaven and on earth – he is close to both natures: divine and human. Dionysus understands the logic of both patriarchy and matriarchy. But in Mediterranean culture, as we have seen, Dionysus turns out to be integrated into the model of Apollonian order and is the distributor of this order to the chthonic levels of being. Dionysus is the Savior, the Initiator. His place is in the army of gods. He has his own scores to settle with the titans, who tear him apart. The fate of Dionysus in the West is inseparable from that of Apollo.”



  2. I have literally been to a church in Texas where Jews are actively encouraging the young blondes to hook up with lined up male Jews. Also sending them to Israel.


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