The Scrooge: a not-so-sweet Sussman

The “Sweet man” Sussman (or likable unconscious Jew) has another well-known aspect and face.  There is also of course the phenomenon of the “not-so-sweet Sussman” or “Scrooge.”  Here we remember his famous refrain to “Merry Christmas.”  “Bah humbug!”

The Scrooge spends his time sniffing about how alienating “traditional symbols” of the host population are.  Here he unwittingly “counter signals” the Jewish Esotericist message which is embedded throughout post-Roman[1] tradition and symbol language, thereby creating “interference.”  Indeed, he takes his cue from the “important Jewish thinker” or conscious, Jewish Esotericist, Freud, Marx, Marcuse, Chomsky, whomever.  Thus, he is deliberately developed as “radio interference.”

Regardless, the Scrooge’s critique is demoralizing to the Aryan, not merely because it is perceived as an attack on himself but because it is valid, if not on the level the Scrooge attacks.  Indeed, by the Scrooge’s tone one guesses “tradition” itself is invalid.  This is true, of course, only of harmful traditions containing JEM.  But in the post-Roman case, the Aryan after all is, at least in all the important cases, merely propagating a Jewish mating signal through “his tradition”, as this study explicates.

Thus the traditions are worse than “cliché” they are deleterious to one’s own self. Hence, an Aryan’s defense of “his tradition” is felt, correctly, as invalid, idiotic at best and absolutely barbaric at worst.  In the present case, where Aryans fret about a “war on Christmas,” it is precisely all of these things.

The whole affair drips with a demoralizing idiocy. Where farty, overweight Americans shopping at Walmart insist on saying: “Merry Christmas” to cashiers as a kind of heroic resistance.  As we delve more into the Christian Myth and the symbols of Christmas we will understand just how demoralizing such a scenario is.

The whole affair drips with a demoralizing idiocy. Where farty, overweight Americans shopping at Walmart insist on saying: “Merry Christmas” to cashiers as a kind of heroic resistance. 

Incidentally the Scrooge marks himself “above” the traditions of his host and above a responsibility to them.  This by itself, marking him “more free”, serves as an attractant to females, Aryan or otherwise.  In other words, he need not “bend the knee.”  The “important Jewish thinkers” have positioned him nicely.  And indeed, why should he feel the need to cower before traditions that are Jewish at their core? That is for Aryans.  The female Scrooge, or Scrooge Jewess, has additional subconscious reasons for hating Christian traditional symbols: sexual jealousy.   Subconsciously or consciously, she perceives correctly, Christianity as an admixing creed open to “her men.”

The Scrooge, also a generally unconscious type, should be classed as a type of Sussman, rather than distinct from Sussmen. Here, again, we find a secondary purpose for unconscious Jews or “Sussmen.”  They exist to make messaging and intent of Jewish esotericist incoherent, also to implement “Reverse Psychology.” The anti-Semite reflexively ends up defending bad traditions simply because it seems Jews are attacking them.  They are thereby made the anti-Semite’s traditions.  Aryans would end up defending Christ out of the same misconception. Scrooges are radio interference and walking “Exoteric Alibis.”

[1] To be clear, I do not suggest Rome, and certainly not Greece, and their symbols were without JEM.  They certainly were as was every previous civilization, as my study explicates.


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