Kabbalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Freemasonic symbols and “Magic”

We might consider that the Kabbalah, Alchemy, Astrology, Freemasonic symbolism, Tarot and other related “magics” are, first and foremost, a hidden, concealed and absconded “paganism” whereby one may contemplate the Gods or the “archetypes” and racial and class types of men. There the Gods of antiquity appear in the metaphors of planets or metals or other symbols.

This has value for all manipulators of men and woman. After all, a person desiring to know the character and, indeed, foibles of an Aryan king can think of Jupiter and so forth and so on. Here the Jewish parabolist especially may contemplate his characters. After all his characters in their strongest and most abiding form are mere dim reflections and synonyms of these immortal Gods.

Hence, by it, he practices a demonology where through parable he dominates and controls even his worst enemy, making him either a servant or foil in a tale of Jewish victory. The more explicit he gets in identifying this enemy, and thereby demoralizing him in the real world, the more powerful yet more dangerous the spell. Indeed, he risks also, as this book is evidence, provoking him and releasing this demon into the world as his master.

Here he can make his characters convincing and thus depict a convincing victory of a Jewish God knowing that parables are prophesies. Our artists must understand that basing their characters on the Gods, particularly the most important, if not depicting them directly is the model for the creation of immortal works. Here we must depict Apollonian victory.

We don’t require the rest of this squirrely secretiveness and embarrassing “Occult mysticism” to understand a basic if incredibly profound point. This was a point consciously banished by Christianity yet secreted away and held by Jewish esotericists, especially through JEM.  With this realization, standards, direction and purpose in Art return.

As this book describes, the Biblical Works have a similar function as the aforementioned “magics” where the Jew learns his relationship to the Aryan Josephs, Jonathans, Sauls, Nebuchadnezzars, Esthers and Marys of the world.   Yet here it appears for Jews in a definitive parabolic, demonstrated form.  It appears as well in many other myths one would generally never suspect as either Jewish or proto-Jewish.

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