REM Part III: A New Definition of Culture: Pan-Culture Versus Petty Culture

With an understanding of REM (Racial Esoteric Moralization) it becomes necessary to develop a new definition of culture. Already we understand a distinction between so called High and Low Culture. There the distinction is between apparent formality and informality, decency and vulgarity or tradition and modernization. However this is a largely useless, if also a long running way of partitioning culture. It should be obvious we are uninterested in works that are harmful to us.

This study shows that “High Culture,” as we have previously understood the term, frequently contains harmful subliminal guidance. Thus, in such cases, why does it deserve the dignity of such a term? There is, for instance, a “High” and “Low” Church. Yet by the same token, there are low-end strip clubs and high-end “gentlemen’s clubs.” Yet neither is necessarily suggestive of greater salubriousness, only greater prestige, richness, “cleanliness,” subtlety or seductiveness. Perhaps in some instances, “High,” in this context, is suggestive of a slower moving poison.

Theoretically a culture deserves the designation “High” because of its power, regardless of its salubriousness, as invariably it is harmful and demoting of some racial type. Yet when Culture is harmful to Aryans, a people understood as symbolically celestial or occupying “High Places,” as our study reveals, the word “High” becomes inappropriate. Thus instead we develop the term Pan-Culture. Here, to be clear, we are speaking of the power and reach of a culture, both potential and actual, and not its ethnic or racial character.

In other words, Pan-Culture is universal only in the sense that it may reach, be honored and be adopted by all peoples, yet it still promotes a particular racial type of man as highest, to be venerated. In fact, for culture to have this heft and charisma it is, in fact, required to be ethnically proud, however explicitly. Hence Christianity, though proudly promoting a “humble” Jewish type as highest, is still a “Pan-Culture.”

Since Christianity has been our Pan-Culture since Constantine bent the knee, we become sympathetic to the leftist idea that Whites “don’t have a culture.” Indeed, from our perspective, they certainly don’t have one, at present, that is capable of defending Whites as a racial group. Hence whatever culture they have might reasonably be understood as valueless.

Yet this is going too far. Whites for the last several centuries within Christendom, in its various phases, have been engaged in “Petty Culture.” In this vein, the Christian authors Tolkien and C.S. Lewis usefully introduced the term “sub-creator”[1] when describing themselves and their particular contribution to a Christian “Pan-Culture.” The terms is good even if their particular work ends up representing more of the semi-conscious stirrings of a Pagan revival rather than a Christian revival. Regardless, “sub-creation” might become, in a way, a synonym for Petty Culture.

Whites for the last several centuries have been engaged in “Petty Culture.” In this vein, the Christian authors Tolkien and C.S. Lewis usefully introduced the term “Sub-creator” when describing themselves and their particular contribution.

Let us understand Pan-Culture as consciously cultivated “group intelligence” through the use of REM. In short, Parable and Symbol, developed with REM (Racial Esoteric Moralization) in mind, is Pan-Culture, while everything else is Petty Culture. For example, Stan Lee’s Spiderman parables, brimming with JEM and posed to abide and be recycled in the hands of non-Jews, might be understood as Pan-Culture, while Handel’s Messiah, Petty Culture.

Likewise Wagner’s Ring Cycle, derived from the Semitic[1] “Norse” Myth Body, is also Petty Culture. By the same token, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy versus Bill Finger’s authorship of the Batman Myth is Petty Culture versus Pan-Culture, respectively. We accept this in the same way that we accept the Jewish scribes that developed the Gospels are of far more profound cultural significance than the classical composers who would make it the theme of their work.

That Aryan Petty Culture has had a sanitizing effect on Jewish Pan-Culture merely shows the power of REM which may achieve ever greater sublimation and abidance in the hands of those who misunderstand it, yet are eager to remain faithful to their misunderstanding of its “spirit.” Perhaps, again, one might argue, this sanitization functions to slow a poison. Yet it undoubtedly operates to keep a poison in the system.

Stan lee.jpg

Parable and Symbol, developed with REM (Racial Esoteric Moralization) in mind, are “Pan- Culture,” while everything else is “Petty Culture.” Hence Stan Lee’s Spider-man parables, brimming with JEM and posed to abide, might be understood as “Pan-Culture,” while Handel’s Messiah “Petty Culture.”

One trait of Pan-Culture should be understood straightaway. Pan-Culture is global. It knows no boundaries. History shows only one Pan-Culture dominates globally at any one time. This is true regardless of what racial type it posits explicitly or implicitly as ideal. Here we contrast the imperfectly rendered Apollonian culture of the Greeks and Romans with the imperfectly rendered post-Roman Christian culture.

Petty Culture occurs at the sub-REM level. We find “folkways” that appear unconsciously, “organically.” Here, often, Petty Culture is appearing in response to petty utilitarian concerns, in response to temporal and/or regional pressures and desires and through the cultivation of regional and/or temporal resources and technology.

This petty form may include variations in religious sect, language, dialect, accent, building and tool construction, local food cuisine, local spirits, arts, crafts, fashion, music, games, dancing and sports developed on a sub-REM level whether closely inspired by actual forms of REM or not. It involves cruder legend and parable creation yet developed on a sub-REM level, where story appears “organically,” unconsciously or to convey some simple obvious morals. In short, everything covered in Albion’s Seed.[1] This form of culture, indeed, forms “organically” from race, rather than the other way around.

This petty form may include variations in religious sect, language, dialect, accent, building and tool construction, local food cuisine, local spirits, arts, crafts, fashion, music, games, dancing and sports developed on a sub-REM level whether closely inspired by REM or not. In short, everything covered in “Albion’s Seed.”

Naturally this form of culture also forms race, albeit unconsciously. Yet, again, Petty Culture is subject to regional and temporal pressures. Regardless, above it all sits Pan-Culture determining the final direction and breeding of things. Petty Culture has neither the power to preserve or save itself.

As it concerns Pan-Culture, the sense of “collective intelligence” is important. This is the intelligence of a group to work together toward an end, including a eugenic end, whether through gene theft or gene amelioration. Aryans naturally possess this “collective intelligence” to the greatest degree at the earlier phases of civilizational development.

Indeed, we should hastily discard the obviously false, harmful and defeatist idea that we are naturally “individualistic.” Atomization, ethnic clique formation and petty nationalism, as we know them, are symptoms of racial decline and the absence of a shared Pan-Culture and shared symbol language. Regardless, the Aryan’s “collective intelligence” appears in the earlier phases of civilizational formation frequently despite a Pan-Culture. This is how naturally “collectivist” the Aryan is. We see this in the recent example of the United States.

Yet after Aryan civilizations form, they frequently fall readily to Semitic Pan-Cultures precisely because Aryans lack coherent, consciously developed Pan-Cultures or cultures developed with their interests in mind. Indeed, typically founding Aryans cling to older Semitic or Semitized Pan-Cultures, whether correctly identifying them as such or not. Here they ascribe to them a purity, power and function that is the direct opposite of their original conscious design. Indeed, to the extent these Semitic cultures appealed to “moral purity” it was as ruse, putting honey in the snare.

Hence Aryans become as the elephant returning faithfully and solemnly to the mythical elephant graveyard before death. There is nothing either creative or even preservative in this return to ancient, “purer” cultures. It is a death knell. They believe these Semitic Pan-Cultures empowering, yet when civilization is established, these cultures are actually disempowering and enslaving. In fact, they have a death cycle encoded in them as well as “moral reigns” designed for the better deceiver, the non-Aryan, to grasp hold. Here the non-Aryan may say “Doesn’t Christ tell you to behave in such and such a way? Isn’t this or that really moral?” Whereas the good-hearted Aryan, before this appeal to a Pan-Culture, is powerless to disagree.

Indeed, these Pan-Cultures, as REM, were designed specifically with the idea Aryans would adopt them, misunderstand them and cling to them. It is by this understanding alone we understand Christianity as European. It was crafted especially with their psychological vulnerabilities in mind, it was a “gift” especially for them. Indeed, that Aryans have adopted Christianity is scarcely true. It is instead these seductive, cleverly developed Semitic cultures themselves that cling to these unconscious Aryans. They were designed as nets; Saint Peter’s net in the case of Christianity.

That Aryans have adopted Christianity is scarcely true. It is instead these seductive, cleverly developed Semitic cultures themselves that cling to these unconscious Aryans. They were designed as nets; Saint Peter’s net in the case of Christianity.

Solving the culture problem solves the problem of decline. By understanding REM we are solving this. To summarize, REM is Pan-Culture. Everything else is Petty Culture. In this light we understand the Mars, Jupiter and Apollo cults as the most recent Pan-Cultures we might call our own, serving us.




[1] “Albion’s Seed” is a 1989 publication written by historian David Hackett Fischer, which analyses the folk-culture and folkways of four groups of people who emigrated from the United Kingdom to the United States. The four migrations discussed are: English Puritans from East Anglia to Massachusetts; Cavaliers and Indentured Servants from the south of England to Virginia; Quakers from the northern Midlands to the Delaware Valley; and northern British from the Borderlands to Appalachia.

13 thoughts on “REM Part III: A New Definition of Culture: Pan-Culture Versus Petty Culture

  1. Jews create counter-cultures as an aspect of their parasitism That’s Stan Lee scribbling his juvenile fantasies or Spielberg making movies about indestructible Nazi-punching archeologists. It’s all ersatz.

    High culture is a product of skill, not popularity. Artistic and literary skills are traits jews famously lack, that’s why they latched onto movies, TV, and comic books as a method of propaganda.


    1. Hmmmm. I think those comic books and other such “ersatz” have legs. Unless we have an answer. Christianity certainly had legs. And Jews obviously have skill especially as story tellers. Themes of sexual competition dominate the subtext of their art -and so one might argue their work is “vulgar”- but obviously they have skill. And these “vulgar” people created Christianity which dominated the Aryan psyche for centuries.


      1. Toxins work, but they’re still only toxins. Yes jews are skilled storytellers, i.e. liars and propagandists, but refer to their content as high culture strikes me as a bit absurd. Hollywood and comic books were the establishment of a counter-culture, or a maybe a better term would be anti-culture.

        Much like how jews promote anti-racism (i.e. anti-racial consciousness) they also promote anti-culturalism so their Aryan victims won’t have any organic culture to draw inspiration from, only a toxic pool of jewish superheroes and Hollywood concoctions like Indiana Jones.


      2. I’ve made my case quite clearly in this article so will not rehash my points here. “High” I equate with REM, the only meaningful purpose of Art. It should be taken as obvious that what is High Jewish Art is deleterious to Aryans. Much more absurd than the idea that we would call the most powerful and effective expressions of Jewish art “High,” is the idea that Aryans would call a thing “High Culture” when it is derived at its deepest root from deleterious Jewish propaganda whatever skill the Aryan brought to the ultimately mindless promotion of this propaganda. Yet much of Aryan “High” Art through the last several centuries has been precisely that. I never have, nor never would question the incredible artistic abilities of Aryans.


    2. Since this discussion with Fritz, I’ve reconsidered the use of the word “High” originally used in this article in lieu of the word “Pan.” My original thinking was that “High” could express the power and influence of cultures deploying REM vs. those that are not. But as explained in the article, “High” has to profound an association with the celestial and therefore also Aryans.


  2. This is fascinating work. I’m curious: What’s your take on the Judeo-Christian “deviation” of the European form over these millennia?

    On your view, it would seem “high culture” (in the civilization-empowering sense) would call for a Solar, *Pre-Christian art and semiotic structure…

    Is this too reactionary? I’ve often found reactionary critique instructive, but the prescription unclear.

    I’ve come to (somewhat) similar conclusions about European culture as you have, and the broad outline you describe is obviously great on it’s face, but would an “Apollonian” cult in the style described authentically appeal to the Christian European? Who is no longer truly an “Aryan”, rather a *bred* “Child” of the Jewish God?

    How sick is the Christian animal? And if he’s got a shot towards his celestial ubermenschism, is there such a hope for the Jewish animal too? Why not all of mankind? (A taboo thought)

    What would it truly mean for man to “be overcome”?

    Questions to ponder from a fan.

    P.S. This really is groundbreaking, there’s not much new in the way of myth-study since Campbell took over. The REM model actually seems to accommodate the mythological “riverbeds” of the legacy Jungian/Campbellian psychic structure, while accounting for the substance of ethnic conflict.

    IMO, remarkable.


    1. You touch on many things that I believe are nevertheless closely related. In my writings you will find that my prescription is the development of Art encoded with REM that eventually becomes sacralized and serves as Religion. This is my understanding of the development of ancient “Religion.” Eventually Apollo would explicitly become a central figure in such an art development, first concealed in other figures, then revealed. The Artist must always have breeding in mind and be promoting an Apollonian type. So again, the answer is artists developing effective propaganda that promotes a eugenic type. In some sense, Jews are employing the same model, except in the opposite direction. I have much more to bring forth though on the questions you raise and related matters. Keep your eyes here! And thank you for your compliment. I am humbled by the kind remarks I’ve received regarding my work. There is much for readers to look forward to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course. However to better phrase my idea: All of the European people, (Christendom) have been “scrambled”, racially degenerated, by these deleterious Judeo-Christian (even Norse) myths.

        That being the case, is the “classical” Apollonian image *still an “eternal archetype” of European Man?

        If this is based on de Gobineau, do you see any conflict between a reactionary Aryanism, an “Apollonianism” as it were symbolically, with Nietzsche’s vision of “striving for a higher man”?

        I see a great deal of overlap between the two. Both are eugenic, affirmative visions.

        But they are different. Nietzsche seemed to lack a tangible post-Christian aesthetic beyond waxing poetically. But would Nietzsche be content returning to the classical pantheon? Or was his vision of eternal recurrence and a higher mankind an even *more radical religion than the one you propose? A hegemony the whole world would get on board with?


  3. Can I just say, “Thank you” Mr. Brahmin. You are so good! I absorb all your articles and YouTube appearances. You are a light in dark times where many Promethean fires exist. May you and Spencer take over the world for whites once again and throw Saturn, Vulcan, Jesus and Mercury in the volcano where they belong.

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  4. There were errors to an earlier version to this article that may trace to a failed cut & paste on my part. This preserved 1st half of 1st version, making the article slightly incoherent. I’ve fixed this. Again the important distinction is between Pan-Culture & Petty Culture.


  5. I’m wondering if you could clear something up for me.

    It seems like you are using ‘Petty Culture’ to refer to cultural manifestations which are derivative, and ‘Pan-Culture’ to indicate something like an originary model which expresses a racial ethos for breeding.

    You aren’t, in this article, making a distinction between cultural forms which are beneficial and those which are inherently destructive to a people then? As you said, “Christianity, though proudly promoting a “humble” Jewish type as highest, is still a “Pan-Culture.””.

    Also, how would you categorize Greek drama? Would those be then examples of ‘Petty Culture’ as they used the pre-existing body of myths? On a similar note, I’m not sure if you touched on this, I would also be curious what you think of the changes in the value expression from eg. Aeschylus to Euripides? I saw your articles on what you’ve called The Vulcanian but I haven’t read them yet. I will start there.


    1. Hello, thanks for your remark. Ultimately Pan-culture AND petty culture that derives from AIM (Aryan Inner Moralization) is salubrious. Other forms are deleterious to Aryans. Obviously some forms of JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization), for instance, are more deleterious than other forms. Though, I argue in the article, sometimes this is a question of required subtlety. Hence one form may simply represent a slower moving “poison.”

      Yes, keep reading. Doubtlessly more questions will appear. I try to anticipate the main of them in the whole of my study. So if it is unanswered now, it will be answered (or at least if it is a central question regarding Western myth). I do take requests – because almost invariably I have an article on the question you are wondering about – however I get many requests so may not be able to release an article on your question directly.

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