Common Shallow Criticisms of Brahminism and their refutations

8 thoughts on “Common Shallow Criticisms of Brahminism and their refutations

  1. Hell ya! The new Apollonian transmission has begun. I’m glad I’m on the youthful side of this reawakening, rather than the old side of constantly winning and crying, Christians and Odinists. Let them come to the debate stage, so we may find the correct bedrock to lay the foundation for Saturn’s cage.

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  2. Mark Brahman sees everything as an Aryan/Jew dichotomy. Maybe it is like that. But instead of “Jewish” gods being imported into Aryan mythology as he asserts, perhaps it has always been known among the Aryans, at least in ancient times, that the Aryans and Jews spring from the same well.

    The Aryan embodies strength, conquering the world, armed combat, physical beauty, conquering men through strength of arms. The Jew embodies the hidden, subversion, resentment, conquering others through trickery, intellectual mastery.

    The Aryan is the beautiful first born who inherits the kingdom and the mantel of protector and provider. The Jew is the second born who resents his position and seeks to overthrow the first born, take what is his and have the first born serve him.

    Our ancestors saw this and created our myths. And it remains that the greatest threat to Europeans are ourselves and the offshoot of our family tree.

    Whether Mr. Brahmin is correct or merely approaching the truth of it, he and his thoughts are provoking and should be discussed and developed further.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. You may need to read more – because I am sure I have covered this in posted writings. I don’t disagree that Aryans and Jews “spring from the same well.” The Aryan first born thesis, as far as I know, is one that I brought to people’s attention from a mythical perspective, especially as it appears in the Hebrew Bible – at least most recently – I am not aware of an earlier theorist positing this from a mythical perspective.

      My argument is that Aryans are civilizational founders and Proto-Jews are closers. I argue that Art and Religion develops in a sophisticated form first from proto-Jews or Jews, as mating call and as a way of psychologically dominating an Aryan competitor. I posit that the cults of Apollo, Mars and Jupiter likely developed as reactionary cults where REM (Racial Esoteric Moralization) was applied in the other direction.

      Keep reading though my thesis will get clearer the more that you read.

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      1. I just recently came across your writing and admittedly am not fully read on your entire thesis.

        What I am sure of is that what you are aiming to do here is something profoundly lacking in our efforts to reclaim our cultures and should be embraced and discussed both academically and artistically by the Alt-Right.

        I have been attempting to write a book for a number of years now. My primary struggle is to use the positive symbolic methods as coherently as our enemies. Not as an act of opposition to them but as something positive and empowering for our people.

        Best regards, Mark!

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