Jewish Power is Symbol Based

The reader should understand clearly that the dominance of these absurd superhero characters and whatever other bad examples are promoted in the media represent not so much the power of Jewish wealth determining arbitrarily what is venerated but the power of intelligently applied symbolism which itself has produced Jewish wealth and power.

Indeed, one readily admits Jews good businessmen yet still believes they became that way without becoming good marketers? And then he believes that Art and even Religion is distinct from Marketing in some meaningful way? Here he reveals that he really has been seduced by Art and Religion! All are the careful use of symbols to influence people in a direction.

Indeed, Jewish wealth does not exist without a brilliance that consists primarily of a carefully considered symbolic and linguistic presentation of “confidence.” Yet Jewish group coherence too is based on this sophistication with symbols. In fact, coherence in the rendering of REM containing myth produces a group or racial coherence.

Here we understand symbols appearing in parables as words appearing in sentences. Likewise we understand parables as commands or “moral instruction” directed at the subconscious. Hence while message must be disguised to enter the subconscious and maximize potency, the clearer and more intelligible the rendering of symbols, however intricate the parabolic puzzle and disguised the answer, the clearer the command to the subconscious.  Thus we understand symbol and parable use as Supra-language.  At the moment Aryans are largely pre-Supra-verbal and post-Supra-verbal, when we consider the Greco-Roman world.

This cleverness and precision with symbols we may easily adopt and rediscover, turning to our own ends in an Apollonian direction. Again, whatever gifts the other Gods possess, Apollo possesses in a raw, more abundant form to be cultivated as his immortality requires. Rather, from him come classes of specialized men, venerating Apollo as “Genetor”[1] and as a higher type above themselves, thereby ensuring his immortality and ensuring their utility. This was how the Semitic Mercury and Vulcan began. Before their ingratitude and treachery, before they became adversarial.

A good follow up article: Myth and Symbol Language Part I: The importance of establishing an Agreed upon, Shared Symbolism


[1] This is one of Apollo’s epithets, meaning “Ancestor.”

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