Zion: a synonym for Bacchus’ Elysium & Racial Decadence

In Judaism “Zion” means “the world to come.” It is not a reference to Jewish racial purity in any sense, which is, as this study explicates, itself an oxymoron. The “world to come” according to a Jewish prophecy is outlined clearly in Genesis. There it is said: “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shiloh comes, And to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.”

The word Shiloh, שִׁילֹה, is obscure and is guessed to be a messianic title meaning “he who it is.”  Yet according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance it is derived from the root shalah, שָׁלָה, a verb meaning “to be quite or at ease.” Shalah appears in the Hebrew Bible seven times where it is translated, variously, as “deceive,” “ease,” “negligence” or “prosper.”

Hence the word Shiloh in Genesis perhaps suggest the tranquility and/or wealth acquisition of a Jewish triumphant as well as perhaps even the death, domination, “quieting” and “peace” of a hated enemy. Perhaps most tellingly it is a name given to a leading religious shrine in ancient Israel where the name is sometimes translated as “place of peace.”  Judges 21 describes it in Bacchanal and Elysian imagery as a site where maidens danced among the vineyards.

Regardless we understand from the prophesy appearing in Genesis that the Bacchanal figure of Judah or Jewry shall rule Zion or “the world to come.”

Obadiah 1:21 reveals this actual meaning of the word Zion:

“The LORD’s anointed, the breath of our life, was captured in their pits. We had said of him, ‘Under his shadow we will live among the nations.’ The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion to rule over the mountains of Esau. And the kingdom will belong to the Lord. So rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, who dwells in the land of Uz. Yet the cup will pass to you as well; you will get drunk and expose yourself. O Daughter of Zion, your punishment is complete; He will not prolong your exile. But He will punish your iniquity, O Daughter of Edom; He will expose you sins.”

In the above passage, Edom and mountains of Esau are references to Aryans as this study explicates. Here we see that the Daughter of Zion has already imbibed “the cup.” Here the cup which causes one to “get drunk and expose” themselves is wine. We see here a reference to a Jewish Bacchanal cult ruled by the Bacchanal figure of Judah who “ties his [Donkey][1] to the vine.”

As this study discusses, the 2003 film Matrix Reloaded, directed by the Jewish [1]Wachowski “sisters,” reveals this as well. There we discover the city of “Zion” is a multicultural, orgiastic dance club.

As this study discusses, the 2003 film Matrix Reloaded, directed by the Jewish Wachowski “sisters,” reveals Zion as essentially a synonym of a Bacchanal  Elysium. There we discover the city of “Zion” is a multicultural, orgiastic dance club.

That this cult described in Obadiah is understood as being centered on Mount Zion also fits. Indeed, Bacchus too may be understood as a mountain God. The Greek legend indicates that he hails from the mountainous regions of the mythical eastern land of Nysa. Likewise, his festivals were often held in mountains. Mount Parnassus, for example, is indicated as sacred to Bacchus in Greek mythology. It too was a famous site of the Dionysian Mysteries. Etymologist suggest Mount Parnassus means “mountain of the house of the god.” Perhaps now it is interesting to speculate as to whether the Dion in Dionysus is related to Zion, צִיּוֹן. Hebrew might render Dion thusly, דיונ. In any case, they certainly reference the same cult.

Though there are stranger phonetic coincidences that persist to this day. For instance, if an English speaker pronounces Zion today in the modern state of Israel, he’s believed to be saying Ziyun, זִיוּן, meaning “fuck,” “lying with a woman,” “arming” and “armament.” Tsiyyon is the correct pronunciation, ostensibly. Though it may also be transliterated Sion, Sayon or Syon. Strangely, the highly influential Jewish population with vast media and cultural influence, eager to defend the sensibilities of Jews at every turn, has not sought to adjust this pronunciation in the English world.

Here it is useful to realize that “Zion” is used as a synonym for Heaven in Christianity. Indeed, it should be obvious at this point that Christianity is a sublimated Bacchus Cult, with Zion essentially a synonym of “Elysium,” the “Greek” afterworld. Indeed, Elysium, Pindar and Hesiod tell us, is ruled by Cronus, to wit the Jewish Saturn.

Nicolas_Poussin_-_Bacchanal_before_a_Statue_of_Pan_-_WGA18284 (1).jpg
Here it is useful to realize that “Zion” is used as a synonym for Heaven in Christianity. Indeed, it should be obvious at this point that Christianity is a sublimated Bacchus Cult, with Zion essentially a synonym of “Elysium,” the “Greek” afterworld. Indeed, Elysium, Pindar and Hesiod tell us, is ruled by Cronus, to wit the Jewish Saturn.

With the concept of Zion is the notion that Jews may survive or abide a decadence that is destructive to racial adversaries. The Hebrew Bible describes it. “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone, a costly cornerstone for the foundation, firmly placed. He who believes in it will not be disturbed.” [2] Here Jewry is represented by the stone. The stone is understood as, among other things, a phallic symbol as well as a symbol of abidance. Zion, “the world to come,” in contrast, is merely a Bacchanal, utopian or “paradisiacal” milieu.

Hence one sees immediately the difficulty with European or White nationalists supporting “Zionism” which is disingenuous, in its very name, the very first ovum of its expression. One can say “well words don’t matter.” He’d, of course, be wrong. But even if words are meaningless to him, they are everything to Jews and therefore they matter, greatly.


[1] Some translations render this foal, such as the King’s James Translation, others render this donkey… Here the question is: is he speaking of generations of “donkeys” or two breeds of animals or, indeed, races of men. Regardless, this study reveals the strong indication that the symbol of the donkey represents the non-Jew in JEM.

[1] The Jewishness of the highly reclusive Wachowski brothers is disputed with some sources indicating they are Jewish and others denying this. For example, they are indicated as Polish-Jews in 2012 on the website of an organization called a “Wider Bridge” founded by the Jew Arthur Slepian. The mission of “Wider Bridge” is to advocate for the equality of “LGBTQ persons” in Israel. Whether their identity as transexuals and the “edginess” of promoting the relatively new phenomenon of transexualism has contributed to the ambiguity of their Jewishness is unclear.  However the Matrix series, produced by the powerful Jewish producer Joel Silver whom the Wachowskis had worked with as screenwriters since 1995, evinces a command of JEM, especially with the use of the symbol of Zion and with references to the Triple Goddess through the character of Trinity.  The process of making a Hollywood film is especially the process of  reviewing details. This was especially the case with Matrix where famously the Wachowskis took the unusual step of submitting a 600 page graphic novel as part of their pitch for the first film. The simpler question has to be asked would symbols as notable as “Zion,” a well-known word closely associated with the Jewish state, and an unmistakable reference to the Biblical concept of Zion, be treated casually by Jewish producers in a Jewish dominated Hollywood? Everyone knows the answer to this. It seems likely the Wachowskis are crypto-Jews.  Less likely, though, they are non-Jews whose work has been shaped by a close collaboration with Jews.  In this case, we might even suspect their unusual sexual and feminine natures have made them especially pliable apprentices.  If this is the case, it is far from the most remarkable case. For example, the black filmmaker Jordan Peele uses symbolism in a similarly sophisticated and distinctly Jewish manner.  By hook or crook, the Matrix series is JEM.

[2] Isaiah 28:16

6 thoughts on “Zion: a synonym for Bacchus’ Elysium & Racial Decadence

  1. The fennel wand of Bacchus is similar to Promotheus’ fennel Reed that he used to steal fire from the gods…

    ‘Shekhar’ in Hebrew meaning ‘to drink’ is similar to the word ‘dwelling place’ ‘Shekinah’

    Also Jews drank “Palm wine” (Aryan symbol identifier with Apollo)

    The Cyclopaedia of biblical literature says shekhar was much broader than ‘strong drink’:

    ‘Luscious, saccharine drink or SWEET SYRUP, especially sugar or honey of dates, or of the palm-tree ; also, by accommodation, occasionally the sweet fruit itself…’
    ‘Date or PALM WINE in its fresh and unfermented state…’
    ‘The Mohammedan traveller (A.D. 850) says that “palm wine, if drunk fresh, is sweet like honey; but if kept, it turns to vinegar”…’
    ‘Fermented or intoxicating palm wine… became applied to other kinds of intoxicating drink, whether made from fruit or from grain.’


  2. Good. All in the book. The Fennel is a phallic symbol. Prometheus thrusts it into the sun to steal the fire and genetic resource of the Aryan. Yet today people in the Alt Right still LARP about Prometheus. Sad.


    1. Can’t wait. I’m taking a break from REM just to get a fresh look at different things.

      You’re my hero Mark. Killin’ it like always my brother.


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