CEP: Conscious Ethnic Projection in Jewish Religion, Art, Politics and Life

The phenomena of psychological projection among Jews, occurring on a Religious/ethnic level, is an obvious idea that someone with any familiarity with the behavior of Jews will understand.  It appears in race politics with Jews constantly reminding Aryans how racist, manipulative, materially or sexually jealous, power hungry or avaricious they are. It appear as well in depictions of Aryans, whether explicitly or esoterically indicated in Media, Art and Religion.  Here the notion is not dissimilar from our common understanding of the “scapegoat.”  One puts their sins in the goat to rid them from oneself, to make oneself innocent.

The infamous “anti-Semitic” Polish proverb: “The Jew cries out in pain as he hits you” also applies.  However it is, in truth, the least interesting aspect of Jewish Esoteric Moralization.  More interesting is the realization that a villain in some parable, such as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, is also indicated Jewish or, at the very least, a useful tool and ally of Yahweh.  Likewise CEP is one of the more exoteric aspects of JEM.

For example, generally one understands when the blond, blue-eyed Aryan is being vilified in Jewish cinema. Again, this becomes more interesting when we discover this “Aryan,” whether villain or hero, is esoterically indicated a Jew and a “caducean opponent” or false opposition. The broader study argues we see this with the Hulk’s opponent the Leader,  Professor X’s conflict with Magneto (here Professor X is the crypto) and Daniel LaRusso’s conflict with Cobra Kai’s Johnny Lawrence in the 1986 film Karate Kid.  Rather JEM is often remarkable for its esoteric “truth telling.”

Nevertheless projection, occurring on the Religious/ethnic level in Art and Religion is worth remarking on because it is distinct from a Freudian notion of projection at least as Freud’s was exoterically revealed.  There projection is indicated as an unconscious phenomenon, occurring on the personal level.  While this study accepts that the majority of Jews, like the majority of Aryans, are racially or Religiously “unconscious,” it is evident that “projection” is often developed consciously in JEM when it appears. This is seen by the simple example appearing in ancient and contemporary JEM where Aryans or non-Jews are understood as exploited or sacrificed livestock animals.

In other words, to the extent a knowledgeable Jewish Esotericists develops a parable showing a heartless and exploitive Aryan figure, it is with the clear understanding in his mind that this is  a  perfect description of what Jews or Yahweh are themselves, at least to the parabolist’s conscious understanding.  Hence, he knows that he develops propaganda that, at best, tells only half the story. This we call Conscious Ethnic Projection or CEP. It is a phenomenon among a leading faction of Jews, whether in Religion, Art, Politics or Business. Appearing by itself it may even also represent a crude form of JEM, in the sense that it is ultimately referencing Jews themselves and not the target of slander.

One likely example in politics and media is the obviously false and baseless “Russian collusion” charges leveled against Donald Trump during his presidency. There ostensibly the concern was interference of a foreign government. The proverbial “Elephant in the Room” is the state of Israel and its lobby group AIPAC.  AIPAC, as Walt and Mearsheimer established, has long directed the foreign policy of the United States. Likewise, Jews, as a distinct body with distinct interests working in a culturally and politically coherent manner, have long exerted overwhelming influence on the domestic policies of the United States as Kevin MacDonald’s work establishes. Thus Russian collusion charges, emerging from a Jewish dominated media,  likely originated as CEP.

In some sense, we might say, the “collective unconscious” that Jung described is unconscious only for the Aryan and Sussman Jew not apprised of JEM or REM. Here Mercury,  The Shepherd of Men and God of Dreams, works consciously to direct an unconscious herd. This becomes obvious in the example of Christianity as one unpacks the JEM.  In the coming Apollonian age, Apollo, the Keeper of the Flock, has the same role.

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