The Blood and Venom of the Serpent, the Juice of the Vine

In the JEM, as we will discover, the Aryan is understood as Benjamin, “the ravening wolf.” Here the Aryan is “ravening” in contradistinction to Judah who is not “ravening.”  In fact, we might consider that Semitic blood has grown immunized to certain tendencies for addiction found among the Aryan or Northern European type. Indeed, per capita alcohol consumption rates, for example, bear this out. The Middle East, including the Jewish modern state of Israel, for example, does not suffer this problem on any meaningful level. Thus, among Muslim countries we find a Religion insisting on sobriety tailored to a racial type, rather than a type made sober through Religion. 

 In this scenario, the more racially aged Semite, abiding longer in urbanized or degenerate conditions, has undergone a period of natural selection, with alcoholic or vice prone stocks for example being bred out. Hence among Jews, “vice” becomes survivable and thus, nearly by dint of this, “inhabitable.” Likewise, it becomes an exploitative tool and weakening weapon versus a racially younger Aryan. 

With the Aryan, vice assuages a healthy, “chippy” hostility toward sexually competitive interloping groups, exhausting his energy. Vulnerability among Asians, including East Asians and Native American Indians, to alcohol and vice more generally may point to a problem of “Westernization” after long periods of relative cultural abstemiousness. With East Asians and Jews, we see maybe the difference between the “blood of the Dragon” and the “venom.” 

Among Europeans a non-cynical, “drunk,” earnest over-commitment to harmful multicultural, egalitarian and tolerance-based ideologies, that might be survivable in moderation, can be counted among these vices. Among Semites, “utopias,” “personal afterworlds” and “better societies” are ancient tricks to get their way. The oldest trick in the book in fact. Jews sell these utopias as the vintner sells wine. Indeed, the idea of drunkenness is imbedded in mythical notions of utopia, whether appearing in the Jewish or proto-Jews Bacchus cult, with the mythical Elysium or in official Judaism itself with Mount Zion. 

Indeed, with their own tribe, Jews manage negative dysgenic forms of multiculturalism, for example, as a wise man handles his drink. Taking meaningless “token” sips of it, he uses it to induce “clients,” “business competitors” and racial competitors to drink. Here among an aged race, cynicism is enlarged to a degree completely unfathomable among youthful, wide-eyed Aryans. 

As blood becomes Semitic or Mediterranean, “interiority” is developed. Unlike the blushing Nordic, one can begin to convincingly and passionately say things he doesn’t believe even a little. He has an inside and outside. In this way, the “profound,” “mysterious” Semite can be said to possess a “soul” when the Aryan doesn’t; he is a better liar. He also becomes more conscious of resource and sex competition. As a non-White he feels genetically disadvantaged, even wronged or damned. This is the proverbial “chip on the shoulder.” Hence, he feels nothing in leading a competitor down a bad path. Likewise, he becomes acutely conscious of the Nordic type and particularly his women as a desired breeding type. 

From our perspective, the Apollonian enclosure of a race-based religion and society that venerates sobriety and “drunkenness” on achievement and actual power, which is beneficial to the reproduction of the highest types, becomes the solution. Bacchus may be permitted a waning existence only so long as he serves this enclosure, facing outward. Yet serpents may not enter among the flock. Here we must understand vice ages. Apollo must be immortally young. Yet he must also be wise. Hence the need for Religion, Art and AIM.

7 thoughts on “The Blood and Venom of the Serpent, the Juice of the Vine

  1. Love your work Mark, really changed my perspective. I wonder sometimes, could some of these symbols be reversed so that we use them for Aryan meaning? Like a gold, blue eyed cobra to assert aryan phallic dominance? An Aryan caducian?

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