The Germanization of Christianity vs. The Christianization of Germans

That Christianity became “Germanized” or became Aryan in anyway is an entirely mistaken view of history. That Christian racialists would argue this in defense of Christianity, essentially admitting Christianity improved by becoming less Christian, is the height of hilarity. Indeed, if Aryans are so much more moral than Jews, why do they require Jewish Biblical works at all? Are they capable of only polishing the stone? Sexual innuendos intended.

Here, a dopey “Aryan pride” imagines illiterate barbarian kings and peasants rather than cosmopolitan, converting “Christians” and Jews translated Christian symbolism into something “Aryan.” It’s absurd on its face. Indeed, the “syncretism” of Christianity has been always Christians developing native forms in manners consistent to Christian symbolism as a means of conversion.

In other words, priests, and particularly a crypto-Jewish element, didn’t eventually approve of or “tolerate” Gothic cathedral, gargoyles, arboreal cathedral pillars, Arthurian legend, “Norse” Christmas trees, Mistletoe, Holly leaves, Easter eggs, Easter Bunnies and even the Swedish Lucia Light Festival. Rather they actively and intelligently developed these symbols as a charming bridge for conversion, as a means of JEM.

Is it even imaginable that such priests would tolerate the development of “unkosher symbols”?  This remains true even if, of course, they would naturally seek, in some unwise instances, to condemn such “harmless” idolatry. Here as well one imagines a subtle caducean conflict between intelligent Esotericists and uncreative, dogmatic Sussmen and Aryan Josephs.

By the same logic one claims Hollywood “Aryan” because of its use of Aryan faces and cowboy myths as a means of converting Americans to its ethos. Again, this does not discount the skill of some Aryan artists and even myth-makers, often operating instinctively or through inherited symbols they scarcely understood. Though to guess these Aryans set the direction or the finally meaning of it all, is woefully ignorant.

To fully understand this, think of the 60s Jewish comic book writer. He too is psychologically preparing an audience for “liberalism,” “multiculturalism” and, ultimately, through JEM, submission toward the “Jewish God.” Will this myth body of comic books be looked back upon as an Indo-European myth body, with all its Indo-European references, names and language?

Will “Jews,” who by then will have taken another name, be remembered as the Brahmin caste of priests of an “Aryan American Empire?” Will “Post-Jews,” going by a new name, secretly know what has occurred and know those men to have been their own ancestors? No. This will not occur. But only because of the return of Interpretatio Romana.

2 thoughts on “The Germanization of Christianity vs. The Christianization of Germans

  1. Given most people around the world today don’t recognize that American culture is particularly Jewish, when we know Jews enjoy immense power in the media, it’s inevitable that the Jewish element will become obscure with time. The average comic book fan does not recognize the inherently Jewish nature of Superman, for example, nor can the average movie viewer connect the dots despite Jews openly advertising their presence in the credits. Thankfully awareness is on the rise, and your work helps us see what was previously hidden.

    It is not surprising that Christians refuse to believe that their religion is in any way a tool for the Jews, as they seem to be delusional on many fronts. They can’t see the obvious weapons built into it, such as giving Jews a hallowed status, exclusive rights to engage in usury, and a warm welcome as converts. These “software bugs,” as you’ve mentioned before, are the reason we’ve had to kick Jews out of Christian Europe over a hundred times (or more than a thousand times, depending on how you calculate it). To paraphrase you, these expulsions are nothing to be proud of and point to a fundamental flaw (from our perspective) that our descendants risk falling prey to again if Christianity maintains a hold on our population. And that’s assuming we succeed in ever evicting them again, which the bleeding-heart Catholicism and Christian-Zionism of our times makes significantly more difficult.

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  2. I frequently made these arguments in my long, dragging, departure from Christianity which began some years ago, reaching its final destination just recently. It’s funny to think that the arguments made about appealing aesthetics or concepts can be just as well made about soviet communism, maybe even more convincingly seeing as soviet communism is not also inescapably founded on cowardice and humiliation. I would like to say that Christianity is like the sarcophagus, luminescent and beautiful yet containing a stinking corpse. After all isn’t the latter what they continue to worship and the former what they have thrown away?

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