book release and site disclaimer

The finishing touches are being put on the book and it is being prepared for release. There should be two books in fairly rapid succession: “REM Theory #1” and “REM Theory #2.” The theory will be covered with these books and then conversations will turn to Apolloism. After all, no sense beating a dead horse. One could literally spend their life decoding ancient and contemporary texts through the REM lens. The goal is to understand the symbol language and understand the purpose and intent of REM/JEM etc.

Two disclaimers:

  1. There was no editor on this site so there are, of course, errors of a grammatical nature. Part of this is due to the speed at which content was produced. I was eager to get the theory out there because, well, it’s true and, frankly, revolutionary. Once it became obvious to me, I assumed it would become obvious to others. The work that proves the theory has since been refined. Aside from this, it’s a blog for fuck’s sake!
  2. My second disclaimer is that I have refined my reading on certain symbols and ideas (more the former than the latter). So my understanding of the symbol language has increased since I published on this blog. In other words, there are, in these pages, some errors according to an understanding I’ve since arrived at. Mostly they are small errors. A random one that leaps to mind is the idea that earth or Gaia represent a Semitic element. This was an error I made early on that I’ve corrected. More the contrast is between verdant and fertile and arid, stony and parched, with the former having Aryan significance and the latter having Semitic significance. However, the general thrust of my arguments and analysis remain true. Most of the details are on point as well.

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