The Phoenix: False Sun Symbol

The Phoenix is a Semitic symbol. Hence it should be considered a “fire bird” as opposed to a “solar bird.” Indeed, Herodotus account of it reveals similarities to the Adonis and Bacchus cults. Herodotus writes: “[The Phoenix] comes all the way from Arabia, and brings the parent bird, all plastered over with myrrh, to the […]

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Esoteric Apollo: The Crow or Raven, Symbol of Racial Cuckoldry

The Raven is a favorite of Myth enthusiasts, whether racialists or otherwise, particularly because of its association to Odin. There Odin is said to have two messenger ravens, Huginn “thought” and Muninn “memory” or “mind.” This association though becomes merely another reason to understand Odin as the Romana Interpretatio reveals him, a trickster God and […]

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Illuminated Confirmed

As touched upon, in JEM we will encounter the esoteric conceit that Freemasonry is a Jewish development designed to utilize talented Aryans to Jewish ends. Here of course Aryans are also used as “Angels,” “Michaels” or Front-men. Doubtlessly, almost all Freemasons, while understanding themselves to be serving “God,” “the Architect,” a mysterious higher purpose or […]

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