The Cult of Apollo Part I: a Eugenics Cult

Apollo was also known as the “Hyperborean” and invader from the north.   Thus he is indicated as Nordic or Aryan.  This is corroborated, for example, through the symbol of his chariot, the early technological means of Aryan dominance.  Yet he is also known as “The Most Greek.”

Thus here we see the Nordic type is posited as a racial ideal among the ancient Greeks.  To be clear, the Apollonian cult was consciously developed as a eugenic cult in citifying conditions.  Here we find an effort to maintain and even ameliorate a primary founding type.  The rituals of the Thargelia makes this beyond dispute.

Apollo bore the epithets Archegetes meaning “founder” and Genetor meaning “ancestor.”  In a manner he is more primordial than even Caelus or even his father Jupiter. He certainly is more central.    He is certainly more perfect.  To the Pythagoreans, who sought to “abstract” him, steal him, so as to divide him, he was, esoterically, the monad (☉).

In the ancient Religion, he is a God of intelligence, beauty, athletics, warfare, art and poetry.  He served as a model for a desired breed, the well-proportioned, well-rounded, polymath. He was the original “Renaissance Man.” He was understood as embodying all the Gods of the ancient world.  To wit, the other, more specialized types are best understood as deriving from this ideal, more generalized type.  Leaders of men, princes, too must be generalized, understanding and appealing to this man as well as the next.  They must be both artists and warriors, thinkers and feelers, above yet in touch.  To be clear, that he is generalized does not prevent him from being master of all trades.

Indeed, there is no God among the Olympians who possesses a skill or ability that Apollo does not as well.   His gifts are inborn and the product of breeding.  Of this there can be little doubt.  The myths relay that he was merely three years old he slew Python! Apollo is the god of the Greeks and, by extension, implicitly, the Romans—however he was less emphasized among them until Augustus.   Spengler classes the Greco-Roman civilization as Apollonian.  This we can accept.

Apollo is also the Kouros[1] or rather a God of youth.  But this is not to say he merely represents an image of individual youth but also of racial youth.  In other words, Apollo, the founder, and most ancient racial type, at least within the civilizational context, was also the most racially youthful, least aged or degenerated.  This “racial aging” is obvious in any cursory comparison of, say, Nordic and Semitic types. The former is fair, neotenous, fine-featured and the latter, dark, large featured, drooping. Indeed, within the individual human such a transformation takes place during the course of a life.  So it is likewise with a race when its health is neglected and racial death approaches.

kouros (2).jpg
The Greek Kouros.

We find corroboration for this concept of racial agedness and maturity in the JEM.  For example, we find it in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, written by the Jewish Esotericist Charlie Kauffman.  The sophistication of the Jewish figure Joel Barish, played by the non-Jew Jim Carrey, is contrasted with Aryan figures.   Here, as throughout JEM, ethnicity is conveyed through naming conventions.

These Aryans include Joel’s sexual competitor Aryan Patrick Wertz (Elijah Wood), the vied for love interest, Aryan Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) and the secondary character of Mary Svevo (Kirsten Dunst).  Clementine and Mary are characterized as whimsical, impetuous and immature.  The young, naïve, sexually insecure Patrick is even given the nickname “baby boy.”  Here we can be sure Kaufmann adheres to the “Parabolists Law of Microcosm.”

The Aryan Patrick Wertz (Elijah wood) or “baby boy” in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

As mentioned, the figure of Saturn, often conflated with Chronus or “Time”[2] —to wit “Old Father Time”— best conveys the racial agedness of Jews.  And as this study discusses, Saturn is one of the gods most closely associated with Jews.  Yet here it is important to remember Apollo, the primogenitor, is the older God though not the more aged.

8154922 (1).jpg
“Old Man Time”, a figure clearly derived from the Jewish or proto-Jewish God of Saturn.

With the Thragelia this study discusses examples of “negative eugenics” within the Apollo cult, where efforts were made to eliminate negative traits from the gene pool, but there is also evidence of positive eugenics. The Kouroi, the idols of the God Apollo, the heroic depictions of the God or his heroic “avatars” in parable all served as “positive eugenics.”  These and the God himself were ideals against which to measure men and encourage a “rejuvenating” eugenic mate selection.  The idols of the Aryan Kore (“maiden” or “girl”), the female equivalent of the Kouros, serves the identical purpose for the female sex.  There emphasis is rightly placed on sexually propriety and chastity.

Hence Apollo, “the protector of flocks”, must be understood as the breeder and protector of both Kouros and Kore.  In the case of the latter, his role is to prevent her abduction by Semitic and non-Aryan elements represented in the context of the Eleusinian mysteries by the figure of the Semitic Pluto.  The Semitic Mercury’s theft of Apollo’s flock tells the same story of Pluto’s abduction.  To be sure, these myth and whatever cults that attended them were subversive Art and Religion, JEM.

Regarding the Kore and Kouros idols the artist was correctly perceived as a “Pygmalion”[3], to wit, a creator of types.  He remains this, through all times, for better or worse.  We sometimes say art imitates life but this is also a way of saying we will not direct life in a positive direction through art, we will not take responsibility. The correct formulation is that life imitates art.  Hence we will make our art Apollonian and likewise life.

This worship of Apollo, occurring in the ancient world, and representing an effort to breed a higher type, goes a long way in explaining a hatred of idol worship among Jews and Christians. Indeed, as mentioned, we perceive this hatred of Aryan eugenics in Jews to this day whom move in every single instance to check its development.    For here the Jewish or Semitic type found himself disparaged, inadequate and disadvantaged in a mating competition, especially for fair Aryan “Kore” or “Venus.”  He was in a sense the old disregarded man among desirable youth.  He needed a plan.   JEM is his plan.

In ancient Greek society, during the month of Apellaios, the Kouros was initiated into the Phratry or “Brotherhood/Fraternity” as he entered manhood. Phratry may also mean “kinfolk” and was a subdivision of phyle or “tribe.” The Phratry controlled access to civic society and membership within the Phratry was a requirement for citizenship. These relatively ideal conditions persisted until the reforms of Cleisthenes in 508 BC.

The Phratries contained smaller kin groups known as Gene meaning “race, stock or kin.”  These subdivisions appear to have arisen later than Phratries and appear to comprise of noble families. Not all Phratry members were involved in Gene.  Hence we are encouraged to see even a conscious refinement toward racial or eugenic thinking amid increasingly urbanized conditions.

Eventually Gene would become associated with hereditary priestly function. Modern historians commonly scratch their head at these opaque organizations called Phratry, yet, in a sense, what is happening here couldn’t be clearer.

It is these Phratry, related specifically to the cult of Apollo, and not Männerbund that we are interested in restoring.  The Männerbund, in contrast, is a modern term coined by German ethnologist Heinrich Schurtz to describe East African initiation rituals.  It was later adopted by the German writer Hans Bluher who placed an emphasis on homoeroticism as a cement in male bonding.

Bluher even recommended pederasty as a means of cohering men for a stronger nation and state. This does appear to be part of the “glue” that holds Jews together as this study discusses. However as this study also discusses, appearances of homosexuality and pederasty in the ancient world, whether among philosophers or Gods, should be understood as they are understood today, as part of a decadence and Semitization.  The Aryan animal does not persist impurely.

 Apollo we should understand unequivocally as our God.  In fact he may be the only God which we may say this without reservation.  He is removed from criticism in our circles on the grounds that as a symbol he is “nothing” but a synonym for the purest, fairest, most ancient, most talented and most eugenic element of our race as even the JEM corroborates.  He is “nothing” but the most important thing.  Christians and Norse or Celt pagans cannot convincingly posit the same of their chief Gods.  In fact, as we’ll discover, their Chief gods are anti-Apollonian.

The less perfect Jupiter is honored because he overthrew the Jewish Saturn and created the conditions by which Apollo might re-appear.  The rest, Gods and Goddesses alike, should be honored, as models for men and women, as might corresponding angels of Christianity vis-à-vis the Jewish God.  To wit, they are honored only to the extent these other Gods protect, honor, serve and further Apollo.   Otherwise they are among the overthrown monsters and Titans.

Lastly it must be remarked, the cult of Apollo is not nationalism nor even remotely related to it.  Indeed, the cult of the northern hyperborean Apollo is not tied to Anatolia or the Mediterranean where in antiquity Bacchus or Christ would win the day, let alone to any nation as we now define them.  If it is tied to any modern land, it is Scandinavia, “the womb of nations.” Yet even this is wholly irrelevant as before this he dwelt in Caucasia and who knows where.

The cult of Apollo is tied only to race, our race, where its fairest, purest, strongest, most beautiful, most intelligent and highest element is venerated.  As any Religion and any life form that desires survival, it seeks an unmitigated expansion and dominance.   That Europe will soon be defended by it and will in the future be ruled by it, does not mark Europe as unique, whatever nostalgia we inevitably feel toward this land.

Whether blonde Nordic, brunet Gaul or dusky Mediterranean, everyman must decide simply, is it better Apollo or Saturn rule? If he insists on his vanity, believing his type, his “nation” the ideal, the perfect alchemy, he we will choose the latter by default.   A race does not “maintain”, any more than nature “maintains.”  It goes in this direction or that, to the underworld or the heavens.

Apollo, a solar god, is not earth bound or “nation bound,” even if the lands of the earth, and all worlds he encounters, will owe their fertility and fair beauty to him.  Rather he, forever conjoined with an unsurpassable metaphor, rules 93 million miles[4] above the earthly Semitic gods whom in their profoundest delusion believe they have some sway over him.  Rather they revolve around him and he ends their Dionysian winters on a whim.

Here we should be careful to distinguish this eugenic cult from a piety cult, as appears in Judaism and Christianity.  In the latter, the mission to “do good” disguises a cult that, dysgenically, places both the priest type and slave type highest.  In the Apollonian cult morality is tied directly to Aryan eugenics and the survivability of the cult itself in these conditions or that.  Obviously any suggestion or appearance of unnecessary cruelty or lewdness, within a non-degenerate understanding of these things, is against the interests of any cult.

[1] The Kouroi were the free standing sculptures that populated the sanctuaries of Apollo. Representing physical ideals, I suggest they served a eugenic function.  The term kouros means “youth, boy, especially of noble rank.”

[2] Chronos or Chronus, the personification of Time, is ostensibly a separate deity from Cronus or Saturn, yet the two deities were frequently conflated in the ancient world, either due to a confusion arising from similar names or consciously.  The latter seems most likely in the opinion of this author.

[3] Pygmalion was a mythic Cyprian sculptor appearing in Greco-Roman myth.  He created a sculpture of a woman so beautiful he fell in love with it.  Venus answered his prayers and turned the sculpture flesh and blood.

[4] This is the estimated distance of the sun from the earth.

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15 thoughts on “The Cult of Apollo Part I: a Eugenics Cult

  1. Appolo fathered Asclepius, the god of healing (as opposed to eugenics/murder) and also avenged him against Zeus. This makes him a poor fascist deity. Of all the mythological creatures Argus Panoptes strikes me as more suitable for that role:

    “Argus Panoptes (All-seeing) (Ancient Greek: Ἄργος Πανόπτης) or Argos (Ancient Greek: Ἄργος) is a many-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The figure is known for having spawned the saying “the eyes of Argus”, as in to be “followed by”, “trailed by”, “watched by”, et cetera, the eyes; the saying is used to describe being subject to strict scrutiny in one’s actions to an invasive, distressing degree.”

    The monster was slain by Hermes who “put all of Argus’ eyes asleep with spoken charms, then slew him by hitting him with a stone”


  2. I don’t know where I argue Apollo is a God of murder. Though he was certainly a warrior god and a hunter. He’s in fact a very rich figure with many aspects. Asclepius is an interesting figure that I cover in upcoming writings and certainly distinct from Apollo. Stay tuned.


  3. Fascinating. I heard you on Heel Turn, I believe. It is good to read your theorem on metaphorical paper.

    You have convinced me it is time to fill my Bildungsloecke regarding Greek mythology, with which I am less acquainted than Celtic and Nordic. For I have little that I can add with objectivity and authority.

    I did, however, enjoy reading it and will certainly ponder Apollo whom I have hitherto given little thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi there. I’ve been reading up on Apolloism. At the very least interesting stuff. My question is – What happens to genetically substandard people under Apolloism? Would they be allowed to participate in the cult? What changes would they expect to their lives once Apolloism is in power? Kind of curious since one can argue most people do not have strong enough genes to pass on to the next generation. How would they fit in your project?


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