The Bride Gathering Cult Part VI: Jewesses as “Hated” “Leah” and Auxiliary Women

“Indeed, if there is a more deceived class of people outside of Jewish women, they are unknown to history. Even black women occasionally grow disillusioned with their disadvantaged role in a multicultural sexual market.” — M.Brahmin

The notion that Judaism is matrilineal is used to propagandize Jewish women with the not always correct “implicit” expectation that Jewish men will remain loyal to them. After all, ostensibly Jewish men are incentivized to be so, otherwise, it is pretended, their children will not be Jewish. It gives Jewish women a stake in Judaism and enlists them as defenders of it.

Yet at the same time it provides Jewish men an “out,” signaling to Jewish women that while a Jewish man is always preferred, worst case scenario she may still derive a Jewish child from a non-Jewish husband. Implicitly, on the ethnic level, it becomes an “open relationship.” In any case, the Jewess is obliged to be loyal to the interests of Jewry in the manner Jewry pretends to be loyal to her natural individual interests of husband-finding and baby-begetting.

In later-stage Jewish inhabitation, Liberalism and Feminism develops in a particularly acute manner among Jewish women, firstly because it is understood to be in the interests of the tribe to which her loyalty has been conditioned —on the false premise, of course, they are loyal to her— and likewise as a coping mechanism. Indeed, competing with non-Jewish women, and saddled with the notion of a perfect Jewish man, she frequently faces obstacles obtaining the natural aspirations of women.

In general, the relationship between Jewish men and women, at least in early stages of Jewish inhabitation, is rather like a man eagerly seeking to keep a girl loyal to him with cunningly deceptive pledges of his own loyalty, while, nevertheless, seeking a better one behind her back.

It succeeds because women are easy prey to the deception of Religious trappings and notions of the “spiritual” whilst Jewish men are unashamed to ply them. Indeed, if there is a more deceived class of people outside of Jewish women, they are unknown to history. Even black women occasionally grow disillusioned with their disadvantaged role in a multicultural sexual market. The JEM we explore will reveal this deception is conscious at least at the highest esoteric level of Judaism by which Judaism is formed.

 Indeed, if there is a more deceived class of people outside of Jewish women, they are unknown to history. Even black woman occasionally grow disillusioned with their disadvantaged role in a multicultural sexual market.

Such is the nature of women that things that are actually false yet powerful more strongly resonate with them. After all, deception and indirection are necessarily the mode of survival of the weaker sex. Hence one is speaking their language. In general, this makes them susceptible to lures in Art and Religion. This is why AIM becomes necessary.

With the Myth of a matrilineal and endogamous Judaism, the goal, ultimately, is to maintain an auxiliary store of women. This serves five functions:

  1. It ensures continuance by providing brides for Jewish men, should they require them.
  2. It provides a grounding assurance and confidence to Jewish men, so they might pursue Aryan women. In some sense, psychologically, each Jew already has a wife should he chose.
  3. It assures the continuance of a Semitic core among “Religious Jews” and among Jews generally.
  4. Through the signaling and social permission of Jewish males, to whom they are religiously faithful, Jewish women provide human barter as a means of developing strategic relations among Aryans. They may be “pawned off.” Here though, the JEM makes it clear that they are often regarded as dubious barter, corrupted goods, as being more trouble than they are worth.
  5. Astonishingly these invincibly loyal Jewesses, second class in their own Religion, are willing to play moles, spies and sabotaging roles vis-à-vis Aryan men akin, purportedly, to those played by the Biblical Queen Esther or Judith as she appears in the Book of Judith.

In the Hebrew Bible, there is no figure that more exemplifies the Jewess as “auxiliary woman” than Leah, mother of Judah, an archetypal Jewess. There, in contrast to the “fair and beautiful” Aryan Rachel, Leah “had no sparkle in her eye.” Leah is indicated the less beautiful and less desired. In Genesis 29:33, she is indicated as suffering because she is “unloved” by the proto-Jewish Jacob. Or at least that is how the passage is typically translated into English. The Hebrew word here for “unloved” is sane, שָׂנֵא. It is actually stronger than “unloved.” In its nearly 150 other appearances in the Hebrew Bible it is translated variously as “hate,” “hated,” “hatred” or “enemy.”  Only twice, when referring to Leah’s relationship to Jacob, is it typically translated as “unloved.” 

One should remember this is the mother of Judah himself, a figure who, alongside Yawheh, represents Jewry itself.  Hence “Leah” should become an epithet for Jewesses to remind them how their men regard them. To be clear, the slight comes not from us but rather from Judaism. It is Religiously ordained. Only a rejection of Judaism and its demoralizing myths, as both Religion and Culture, would improve the psychological status of the Jewess. To state it succinctly, as an aphorism to be repeated through the ages, Judaism indicates the Jewess hated by her own men.

The figure of “Leah”, which describes the “unloved” Jewess, should become an epithet for Jewesses to remind them how their men regard them. To be clear, the slight comes not from us but rather from Jews and is, in part, religiously conditioned.

8 thoughts on “The Bride Gathering Cult Part VI: Jewesses as “Hated” “Leah” and Auxiliary Women

  1. Pretty interesting take.

    In diligence and in addition to what you’ve said, I will say that in my ongoing research so far, I’ve noted repeated instances of a filmmaker inserting a specifically Jewish-Jewish partnering (such as “Becca” and “Evan” in the film “Superbad”, or “Judy” and “Gilbert” in the film “Revenge of the Nerds”), as a sort of cozy “settle” for the more Beta of the film’s characters (never the “Alpha Jews”), despite an overall theme of Jewish/Gentile cuckoldry.

    Perhaps the message or feeling an esoteric storyteller is pursuing in an instance like this, is to engender a cultural sense of endogamy, just not enough to stop outgroup pairing at a sufficient clip. Makes you think. At some level, that sort of “tempered” stance would be practical.


    1. I haven’t reviewed the films you are discussing so can’t remark on them. Jewish male and female partners indeed appear in Jewish art. I’ve mentioned at least the figures of Ant-man and the wasp as two examples. “The wasp” is a head fake, she’s a Wasp presenting Jew with miniaturization powers which operate as a metaphor for crypsis, of course.

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  2. Interesting.

    On a (somewhat) related note. What is your take on Red “clothing” in Jewish film.

    Your Jacob/Israel as God’s Sarah article was so good that I think you should just dissect the color red, roof to foundation.

    Sincerely, your biggest fan.


    1. Hey I am very flattered. Red as a color is definitely related to blood admixture in JEM particularly the mixing of Aryan blood and Jewish blood. The article/chapter is written. I’ll tell you what, all secrets will be revealed. I’m now returning to the editing of a multi-volume manuscript that will answer any question you ever had on this topic – or all the big important ones. Thank you again for your enthusiastic support! You are living proof that we can grow eyes again.


      1. Eagerly await your work. Hah, well for now, I’m at least living proof that you’re not nuts! Well take what we can I suppose!

        The Nietzschean insight is, (IMO) the necessary ingredient, many people seem to be getting hung up on that. Too much clutter.

        Btw, I’ve got another, shorter, review that’s feeling pretty tight read-wise. It’s a film you’ve almost certainly seen, and is also well known.

        If you ever have the spare time, please feel free to give it a read. I’d like to get to the point where I can do these without help, but for now, it would be a huge help to have a little feedback on some of the calls I’ve been making.

        As always, feel free to use or reference any of my material, my writing is all open source as far as I’m concerned.


  3. Yep. Mark, you really should check out Superbad when you get a chance. It’s hilarious, and it fits the bill.

    And Revenge of the Nerds. Oh, man! This was like my favorite movie as a teenager. The Jewish Mythmakers are good at what they do. (Yes, I was easily tricked.) But I drank deeply of JEM because it appealed to me as a nerdy Aryan. Like “College is gonna be great! Maybe *I’ll* finally get the cheerleader.”

    The JEM helps turn lower-ranking Aryans against higher-ranking ones. Instead of being inspired by the best of my own kind to ASPIRE to be better, I was turned into a subversive.

    Yes, Jews loved comic books and Mad Magazine and stand-up comedy, etc., but so did nerdy goyim. We were ALL cheering against Apollo. Sad.

    I wonder what some good terms are for Aryans at various degrees of awareness and sensitivity to JEM could be? Like, what’s a good name for an Aryan Sussman? And what’s a good name for what I’m describing…a nerdy, resentful beta Aryan who snickers subversively while foolishly feeling empowered by humor which is actually weaponized against him? It’s almost worse than pure cluelessness.


  4. @TheGrandStyle, Great review of Revenge of the Nerds. Agreed on all counts. As I read through Mark’s work, Revenge of the Nerds has come often to mind.

    I think your read on Gilbert Lowe as Jewish is probably right. But, just to throw out an alternate possibility, he reminds me of my youthful self as described in my previous comment. He’s Aryan, but he’s an actual Nerd. So he joins with the “downtrodden” Jews in what he thinks is just a Nerd Jock battle to finally “get the girls,” but is of course so much more.

    Gilbert also reminds me a bit of white protestant progressive liberals today, who act as useful idiots lapping up Jewish-promoted poisonous political philosophy. Unaware that the push for feminism and promiscuity and communism etc have malicious intent, he eagerly aids and abets the war against his own traditions.


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