The Message and Theme of JEM

The message of JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) is conveyed through five broad albeit closely related narrative themes that will reoccur and predominate. These are themes, as we will discover, that are discernable in myth, both Biblical and “Pagan.” In some cases, these specific themes outlined below persist from Sumer, where we detect the presence of “proto-Jews,” to the present. In all cases, they have persisted through the Christian period to now, whether in the parables of Christianity, a Woody Allen film or a Stan Lee Comic.

These Themes are:

  1. Racial competition with Aryans generally.
  2. More specifically, as central to a general resource competition, sexual competition with Aryan men for Aryan women.
  3. The Caducean phenomenon as I will term it. This is the depiction of a competition between two ultimately friendly Jewish forces or false opposites where often an Aryan threat may be presumed to have been overcome or dormant. This may include Judaized Aryan figures working unwittingly on the behalf of a Jewish mission and even against Jewish or Semitic figures pursing a different approach to a final Jewish goal or dominion.
  4. Related to the previous themes, is the more specific depiction of Christianity as beneficial to Jewish dominance. Indeed, the JEM provides reoccurring and undeniable corroboration for Nietzsche’s briefly mentioned suggestion that Christianity was not merely folly but rather was designed deliberately to debilitate or subjugate Aryans. Here we find a slyness and diabolicalness it is unlikely even Nietzsche would have guessed. In JEM, Jewish Esotericists make one thing clear, Christianity is Jewish Evolutionary strategy. Prior to Christianity, though, we see the clear appearance of these themes in Chthonic, ultimately Jewish or proto-Jewish cults dating to Sumer. What should be made clear to every Aryan is that Jewish Esotericists, to wit, the directing, moralizing core of Judaism, understand Christianity as the worship of Jewry and the Jewish man or Adonai in particular. In this way, it is indistinct from Judaism itself.
  5. The perhaps unsurprising idea Christianity was designed, as the Chthonic cults that preceded it, and which it refined, to effectively provide Aryan brides or breeding mates to Jewish men at least for the ascendant civilizational period that these women remain or have remained genetically desirable or marriageable.

11 thoughts on “The Message and Theme of JEM

  1. Utilising these lessons in the creation of our own Art requires a new set of tactics. I’ve found many of these that are implicit in your work, but to strive for sophistication, have you any themes which could serve as overarching, rather than particular, in the creation of an Apollonian story?

    By example, naming conventions and god-masking are simple, as are the ideas that we should uplift and make sacred our salubrious elements (olive oil, tree of life, honey), personalities (direct, like with like) and animals (ruling lion, non-sacrificial ram), and that we should overcome and humiliate deleterious elements (moon, candle fire, wine), personalities (deception, trickster) and animals (serpent, chimera). These are particular and as far as they are artistic, they serve more as simply moralising, rather than acting as coded instruction.

    But I am struggling with an overarching theme which combats, for instance, points 2 and 5 of this article. “To wit,” bride-gathering is easy to encode — the foreign underdog conquering the in-group and winning the girl is a story played out in JEM and by ourselves, unwittingly, many times over — but of course it would be ridiculous to encourage our men to steal brides from other, less noble, peoples. The opposite, the Apollonian enclosure of flocks, is more difficult to dramatise.

    I ask as I am a literary creator of some description and as far as anonymity will allow, I wish to conduct AIM.


    1. Sexual competition can be depicted as easily in AIM as in JEM. There though the Apollonian is made the successful. Daphne figures chase him, rather than the reverse. Diana, the Delian, in a disguised form, becomes his natural mate and prize. Daphne and Orion are frustrated. To the extent Diana and Apollo are siblings, they should be understood as racial siblings, akin to Jupiter and Juno. Really the opportunities are as abundant in AIM as they are in JEM. Sometimes it is a theme of fending off a poaching Mercury etc, etc, where a female protagonist teaches the lesson of salubrious mate selection. But I discuss many of these things in as of yet unreleased writings.

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  2. If Christianity is just a Jewish conspiracy to get white girls into Semitic hands, then why is it that during the time when our civilization was the most devoted to the Christian faith was also the time when we had the highest birth rates? It seems like if your thesis is true, then Christianity is a conspiracy which massively backfired.


    1. False. Fertility by itself is no sign of health. Mexicans and Mohammedans have high fertility rates. A deracinated Christianity, worshiping a Jew or humble sheep as its breeding ideal, is by definition dysgenic. Likewise Europeans didn’t require Christianity prior to its advent to reproduce. Christianity has effectively enslaved us to Jews as a master race who still have ready access to our women and wealth as resource. It was a primary cause in the fall or Rome, it has greatly retarded the development of science and has been the cause of many prodigal wars among Europeans. It has effectively bred sheep, which should be obvious to everyone living today, who observes a cohered Jewish shepherd class and an atomized race of Aryan sheep. Some of which still understand a Jewish God as a PREREQUISITE for Aryan fertility. LOL.

      But maybe your argument is that Jews just wanted to give us a gift. That the most important thing they would give us would, of course, be the most trustworthy. My close analysis shows this to be, of course, absolutely false. Again it appears as a primary theme in their art as described above. Why would that be, you have to wonder? Bet you can figure it out.


      1. Your work is amazingly well put, you are clever and your love for the apollonian and ancient Greek I share.

        On the other hand, we aryans (particularly Spain) have made Christ “our”. Christ “liberated” GOD from the merchant’s claws (read Kabbalah and gematria, it is meant to “enclosure” GOD, potent maquia in fact). Christ drove said merchants out of a Holy place of cult. He spreaded, where they fenced.

        Christ, Apollo, Socrates Sun idea, Samadhi, Advaita Vedanta, etc.. rays of the same SUN.
        The truth is Universal. We are the(arguably) best exponents there have ever been of said SUN, still are, always will be. The Light cannot be obscured. It has shone with us for millenia.

        Unfortunately, Europe in its core meaning is dead. The land is barren by people’s corrupted choices. External forces(both physical, astral and mental) have the power that we give them. By forgetting the LIGHT and placing in its place all kind of “isms”, we have lost (collectively, not individually). Strange times we live in. I am proud of my culture, upbringing morals, ideas and ancestors and will live up to it. Up to GOD.

        In some eras, Ancient Greece was full of corruption, cuckoldruy and sophism(read Plato), lets not idealize them innecesarily.
        You use rethoric well to express your opinions (it is all over this website), but opinions are not facts, so you did not answer to Fingal Firinn (not that I share his statement). The same can be said of other things you express. Hope you do not find this an attack, just a word of caution: we can and should strive to be with the Truth, but the Truth is not (per se) with us. Just remind you of the “Gott mit Uns” wich is in fact wrong and arrogant. Patience, self-examination and moderation are virtues. Socrates method our friend.

        I agree with your views on aryan breeding stock and male demoralization. In my direct and observed experience, lots of aryan males are soft and sheep with strong “isms” in place of strong morals, ideas, strength and GOD. Non aryans find their strength in the institutions, their numbers and our weakness.
        Do not forget about Plato’s theory of forms: to neglect the source of the physical world is to walk one-eyed. Physical strength, moral strength and strong ideas. The three of them have their counterpart outside of us.

        Last: good work, I hope you keep it up.


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