The Logical Proof of Jewish control over the Church

The JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) of Christianity is enough to condemn it to deepest Tartarus along with its God Saturn, to return this God to his station. It is a mistake though to believe that the Church represents merely an “inertial” expression of a Jewish development. Indeed, there are several reasons to believe Jews have functioned as a controlling element of Christianity through all periods in all lands in which they have inhabited. They are:

  • The conspicuous and astonishing tolerance of the Church toward Jews, which has allowed Jews to abide among Europeans bearing the name Jew for the entirety of the Christian period, while insisting that all other Europeans “bend the knee.” It is the same dispensation Jews receive in our present multicultural societies, where their identities are seen as “valid” whilst ours heretical and evil. Inquisitions, following a pattern seen also in the Communist purges of the 50s, were by far the exception and not the rule. Have Jews since rejected Marxism, even if feeling it unwise to openly speak enthusiastically about it? Will they reject it even when they feel it wise to be quieter about their support of it?

Pogroms and violent attacks against Jews were, in large part, a peasant or laity phenomenon typically condemned by Church and King with the Rhineland massacres of the 12th century being the first notable example. Jewish expulsions are easily understood as carried out largely for appearances, when the irritation of Aryan peasant population becomes too great, with cryptic elements remaining in countries while more explicit elements relocated to more hospitable territories. This is a negotiation where the exchange of capital among key players is a crucial factor. The Church and clergy especially would have been a place of not merely asylum for crypto-Jews but a source of mitigating propaganda. The anti-Semite who stupidly crows about 109 expulsions, as if it is some “Aryan Achievement” and not, what it is, an Aryan failure, is like the man crowing about the vernal equinox, believing he caused it. Instead, again, the return to crypsis and the apparent expulsion of Jews is symbolized in the Dying and Rising of the Jewish Christ. The phenomenon itself is designed into the mytho-Religious system.

  • The overwhelming instinct of Jews to seek power, dominion and especially psychological control over Aryans. The Church was the media during the medieval period. Were Jews not interested in media control then? Was Vulcan the propagandist and temple builder no longer a propagandist and temple builder? Does anyone really believe that the power-seeking race of Jews would have left so powerful, yet easily infiltrated and malleable an institution to its own devices at, potentially, great risk to themselves?
  • The Jewish proclivity of playing both sides of a caducean struggle. The King and the Church, the Church and the Jews, Islam and Christianity, Protestantism and Catholicism, these were and are controlled, caducean struggles, whatever bloodshed they entail. The JEM brims with a Jewish understanding of the caducean phenomenon.
  • The overwhelming instinct for Jews to admix and involve themselves with Aryans albeit on their own selective terms. Baptism allows this. In fact it is a metaphor describing precisely this.
  • The instinct toward crypsis, whether by showing themselves innocuous or concealing themselves totally. Their adeptness in crypsis.
  • The deracinated, “race-blind,” open-door and promiscuous nature of Christianity that eagerly accepts converts yet may never guess an ulterior motive, in fact, feels guilty for this sort of dissuasive distrust and judgment. Here the Church believed not only the sincere conversion of Jews possible but desirable. Here the ambiguous nature of “what even a Jew is” also comes into play opening the door for Crypto-Jews or “former Jews” to dominate.

Ostensibly, in the deracinated context of Christianity, both “European Jew” and “European Christian” are defined merely by “what they believe,” like Democrats and Republicans. The Church is the original “idea nation.”   Hence that even “former” Jews were now commanding clergy would only have become an issue under unusual circumstances.

Rather one understands readily that Christian opprobrium would have attacked first the Aryan attempting to “sinfully” exclude the converting Jew rather than the sincerity of the converting Jew. After all, even if Jesus and his apostles could be classed as “Christians” rather than Jews, they still sought the conversion of the Jews.

Would any Aryan Christian have had felt at liberty to pursue a different policy, to dare deny any soul the salvation of Christ?   Rather the converted Jew is given a venerated status. It is felt the Jew who overcomes the biases of his tribe or even, comes down from his “high horse,” to convert, is especially Christian.

  • The greater skill of Jews as “ethicists” or “to appear moral.”   This is a skill Nietzsche correctly described as a kind of mimicry or deceit. This would make them especially adept Christians and clergymen. To wit, the greater willingness and ability to convincing tell “pious lies.”
  • The pattern of operating through proxies and front men, a pattern encoded into Biblical works through figures like Michael, Saul and Joseph. The Church was obviously a “front man” or “front” at least in its initial design. The JEM makes this abundantly clear.
  • The invisible power of wealth. Are we supposed to believe medieval clergy, of all people, to the extent they were distinct from Jews, were never on the take from this wealth-bearing and wealth oriented tribe? Were Jewish financiers never behind profitable tithe collecting Churches?   Here we are supposed to believe the Church and Jews were never “in bed” together. We have reason to trust the average hyena-faced politician over the priest. After all, the politician generally, at least, does not pretend to “know God.” Though, of course, I suggest the clergy did “know” the “Jewish God.”
  • The unsustainability of a Church directed by non-Jews. Indeed, would the Church have survived for any long period if, at its conscious core, it lost an understanding of its symbols? Would the Church have survived if it had lost its clear mercantile instinct? In other words, could the Church have survived for any long period without Jews at its center, energizing a flock of “Josephs” through inexplicable, “knowing,” “divine,” “inspired” passion?

Where the Church shows its greatest resilience now, we must suspect closer involvement of Jews, if not as key sapient clergy, behind the scenes. This is most obvious with today’s Protestant televangelism where Churches rely on a positive relationship with media owning Jews.

  • Putting aside the JEM, that posits them esoterically as Gods, and exoterically as a race capable of producing Gods, on a purely practical level, Christianity was an incredible deal for Jews. They had and still have an interest in its survival. Consider the general arrangement. Jews were designated “hapless” even “cursed” “money handlers.” Incredibly they were ceded the “filthy lucre” of the society by scripture and Church decree. Indeed, they were ceded the “cosmos” and temporal world itself.

Likewise, we understand, that more often than not, the Church was quite kind to Jews, generally refusing even to disrupt their usurious practices. Any anti-Semitism that grew there could easily be directed to “yes, but take heart, they will go to hell” and “resistance and power seeking will make you, effectively, a Jew, thus also hell-bound.” Fiery hell, again, we understand as a metaphor for the fire God of Judaism itself. Jews understanding this metaphor also understood “hell” was something used to intimidate and control the local goyim.

  • Christianity is clearly indicated as beneficial to Jews and disempowering to Aryans in contemporary and Biblical JEM. Hence Christianity would have been the home of Jewish Esotericists especially understanding the beneficial nature of Christianity. They would have found their work there especially useful.
  • Only Jewish Esotericists understood the parables of Christianity. Thus how would the Church even have retained influence without Jews at its center? After all, who but Jews could wield the “mysterious powers” of the church if it was also “mysterious” to themselves? Wouldn’t Aryans by themselves, eventually find it incredibly arbitrary? “Why would an all powerful God have to send his son to die for us?” None of it makes sense without an understanding of its underlying metaphor. How effective, indeed, is the craftsmen whose tools are mysteries to him? How can the truly enchanting, effective cleric, with the gleam of knowledge in his eye, enchant the herd without knowing the meaning of the Gallery, the Narthex, the Transept, The Baptism, The Eucharist and The Crucifixion?

Indeed, the typical Jewish comic book writer of the Golden, Silver and Bronze age period of comic books demonstrates a more conversant understanding of Christian symbols than any Christian Aryan of which the world is aware. It’s possible the Pope himself has less understanding of Christian symbolism than these “humble,” unassuming men. On the other hand, he might consciously understand himself as an enemy of the Aryan race. JEM appearing in Jewish Art today verifies that Jews have retained an understanding of it, while Aryans have never possessed an understanding of it. Naturally it is understood and effectively wielded only by them.

Don’t we guess that some core of the priesthood, at least, actually understood the devious, sublimated “Mystery of Christianity” and, indeed, still does? How long would “Multiculturalism” last without its core of Jewish drivers and punishers? How long did Communism last in Russia once it became antagonistic to Jewish interests, once it lost the support of Jews? This two millennia reign of Christianity couldn’t all have been the inertia of an initial Jewish momentum. We know of unequivocal infusions of Jewish influence from time to time, such as with, for example, the Jesuits. What is the Church without the active power of its mysterious “hidden, living God”?

  • The credibility of Sussmen converts. To be clear, here, again, as always, the Sussman* phenomenon prevails. Hence not merely is an unconscious Aryan, especially among the laity, directed by JEM and conscious crypto-Jews, a larger circle of unconscious Jews, believing themselves “Christians,” is also directed by conscious Jews via JEM laden parables. With their passion and “sincerity” especially Christianity also gains its credibility. This phenomenon was seen clearly in the Jewish adoption of Communism, where a Jew could actually believe himself a true Communist, even “critical of Jewry,” while doing Jewry’s bidding.

In the end, it is, of course, impossible to say how much Golem and how much Jew, the Church represented or even still represents. Such are the limitations of history when faced with an important cryptic player, indeed, an entirely dominant player through at least the middle ages. Yet coming to the conclusion that the Church was, and perhaps still is, inhabited by Jews exerting meaningful influence, doesn’t it seem natural to conclude it has served as well as a tendril of the Bride Gathering Cult? This is after all the theme of its JEM. This study will reveal that it almost certainly has.

It is, of course, impossible to say how much Golem and how much Jew, the Church represented or even still represents. Such are the limitations of history when faced with an important cryptic player, indeed, an entirely dominant player through at least the middle ages. Yet coming to the conclusion that the Church was, and perhaps still is, inhabited by Jews exerting meaningful influence, doesn’t it seem natural to conclude it has served as well as a tendril of the Bride Gathering Cult? This is after all the theme of its JEM. This study will reveal that it almost certainly has. 

Note: * a Sussman is an unconscious Jew directed subconsciously through JEM.  I develop the concept in my writing. The term can be found also in my glossary: A Glossary of Terms

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  1. I find it shocking and highly dubious that a cult created by Jews and made to worship Jews is controlled by Jews.. why would a belief system that clearly is modeled after Jewish morals and racial admixture have anything to do with Jews? Anti Semitic nonsense !!!

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