Historical Crypto-Jews Identified in JEM and History as Propaganda

In JEM (Jewish Esoteric Moralization) we will also encounter the repeated insinuation of seemingly startling historical claims. For instance, it will be suggested that leadership of the Frankish Empire was fundamentally Jewish, whether by blood or influence. It will also be suggested Robert the Bruce was a Jew whom started Scottish Rite Freemasonry, a fundamentally […]

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The Real Birth of Tragedy

With Tragedies, of course, we especially speak of works with tragic endings.[1] Doubtless, things are more “complex” with tragedies then they are with Epics. But with them we ask first: why? And if Tragedy is to persist as an Art form, to what end should it be used? The value of Tragedy is often said […]

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“Sin” as an Original Jewish God?

Again, one of the earliest evidences of Jewry is surely embodied in the Mesopotamian Moon God Nanna or Sin. Indeed Nanna or Sin, akin thematically to the Biblical figure of Shem, may well be considered a common mythical ancestor to all present-day Semites, including Jews. We see this esoteric presence clearly in Islam. For instance, […]

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