Our Similarity to the Ancients

One problem in our inability to decipher the myths and parables of ancients arises from a false perception of dissimilarity. We tend to view the ancients and even relatively recent ancestors as a wholly distinct species. Instead, we should understand that our ancestors shared with us precisely our own concerns and psychological anxieties. These are […]

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Saturn, Satan, Set and Tan

A contemporary folk etymology that connects Saturn to the Hebrew word Satan, שָׂטָן, meaning adversary or accuser, seems worthy of consideration as no convincing etymologies for the word Satan appear.[1] Again, this assumes a late development of the Hebrew Bible, which this study does. Etymologists believe Saturn originates from the Etruscan subterranean deity Satre whose […]

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Keep In Mind

I had the honor recently of editing a music video for the artists Xurious (@xuriousmusic) and Hiraeth (@HiraethMusic9). Together they create an instant Dissident Right classic: “Keep In Mind.”  Difficult themes are effortlessly sublimated in a beautiful, enchanting melody. A model for artists to consider. Please share far and wide. Bitchute link below (lower resolution): […]

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