R.E.M Part II: A.I.M versus J.E.M

Racial Esoteric Moralization, as we will define it, is the phenomenon of infusing story and myth with a racial subtext so as to inspire health and boldness in one’s own people whilst demoralizing an adversarial group. The use of the acronym REM, in lieu of the full expression, may help to soften the expression, at least as we consider its usage in the short term.

With the acronym REM, a fortuitous reference, metaphor, and mnemonic appears. Indeed, as the reader is likely aware the same acronym also refers to the unconscious dream state or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Likewise Racial Esoteric Moralization is the process of “incepting” a person’s dreams and motivations, subliminally, into their “sleeping mind” or subconscious, even while they are awake.

The essentially Semitic Mercury, the shepherd and priest, and the Aryan Apollo, the shepherd and artist, are also understood as Gods of Dreams. Hence the Aryan artist comes to understand himself as Apollo implanting REM is his audience, much as Jewish esotericists have frequently considered themselves akin to Mercury as the JEM we review will reveal. Here, the word Moralization conveys both senses of the word: it describes art and communication designed to embolden and also to morally justify or support.

The more ancient notion of REM can be found in terms like “to bless” or “to curse.” Indeed, where REM functions to embolden its racial kin it “blesses,” where it seeks to demoralize (Racial Esoteric Demoralization) it “curses.” In this study we will come to realize that Jewish Esotericist, particularly in the critically important case of Christianity, have developed apparent “blessings” that were in some final sense “curses.” Such is often the nature of RED. And here we understand that stories are, indeed, magic spells. In Old English, the word spell means, indeed, a “story, saying, tale, history, narrative, fable; discourse, command.” REM myths are spells that contain a people’s morals i.e. “the moral of the story.” Again, they are spells with the power to transform whole peoples.

Where REM appears in Jewish works, toward Jewish racial ends, we will call it Jewish Esoteric Moralization or JEM. Since it is a phenomenon that also appears among Aryan works of art, albeit tragically little of late, we shall craft the term Apollonian or Aryan Inner Moralization. Hence one may refer to particular instances of REM in Artistic or Religious works as JEM or AIM. While both can be admired for clever artistry and, in some cases, JEM may be studied and even, in some dimensions, imitated— only one of the two have positive value for our people.

Indeed, we develop, promote, continue and allow work that has “an AIM.” By this understanding alone do we even permit ourselves Art and Religion. Hence even works that are shown ambivalent or “agnostic” may be called purposeless or “AIM”less. This is true while acknowledging an “appearance” of ambivalence may sometimes be given to works when one’s race is not yet in power or as a subtler, gentler more refined form of AIM. On the other hand, we are obligated to make the appearance of AIM “sacred.” This was the secret to the Apollonian Religion. The Art and Religion one permits himself, that he considers “canonical”, he must honor as sacred and reject those who desecrate it. Apollo’s role as a God of the Arts and Leader of the Muses speaks to the ancient understanding that the arts are religious, sacred and must be kept “Apollonian.”  This is moralizing.

The terms AID and JED will be used to describe instances of demoralization. For example, “the film Saving Private Ryan contained JED targeted at Aryans, while JEM targeted toward Jews.” On the other hand, “great AID appears in the story of Apollo slaying the Python or Jupiter overthrowing Saturn.” It is true instances of RED are merely the other side of REM. In other words, when one emboldens his own people, he, by definition, demoralizes another. It is dishonest to pretend otherwise. This is why Jews feel it intolerable living among Aryan peoples without changing their culture to their liking. Hence the terms are generally interchangeable. However terms like AID and JED may be used to put a finer point on instances where the demoralization of a racial enemy, as opposed to the moralization of one’s own people, seems emphasized.

Bloye_Apollo_statue_Dudley (1).jpg
Art without A.I.M (Aryan Inner Moralization) is AIMless. 


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